International opportunities for students


The Master's degree programme in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Trento is designed to enhance the prospects of future mechatronics engineers and efficiently enables them to plan, understand, and implement R&D (Research and Development) projects for new products in industry and beyond the traditional industrial domain.

Students will develop a range of modern methods, including Quality Function Deployment (QFD), for design, development and, more generally, management of the entire life cycle of new industrial products, which are composed of a physical-mechanical base integrated with automation technologies and new materials, and their related development and manufacturing resources, tools, and processes (Concurrent Engineering). On these grounds students acquire the ability to create new industrial products of mechanical/mechatronic type and beyond the simple industrial implementation.

The Master's degree programme in Mechatronics Engineering is particularly addressed to students who demonstrate a thorough grounding in scientific disciplines (e.g. Mathematics, Physics) and a basic knowledge in Industrial Engineering.