International opportunities for students

Building an environmentally sustainable future is one of the most pressing issue that mankind is tackling nowadays. We aim at producing competent and skilled professionals that couple a strong engineering background with an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex interactions between human needs and natural environment that characterize the Anthropocene. 
This is achieved by intermeshing traditional disciplines (hydraulics, hydrology, sanitary engineering, structural and geotechnical engineering, spatial planning) with emerging environmental issues and problem-solving skills.
With a theoretically grounded but pragmatic approach, our graduates will be able to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, based on a deep knowledge of the fundamental environmental dynamics and on the capability to quantify and simulate the effects of anthropogenic interventions.

Our students can specialize in four areas: 

  • Water Resources and Land Protection (some courses in this track are taught in Italian)
  • Environmental Quality and Remediation Technologies (totally in English)
  • Environmental Sustainability and International Cooperation  (totally in English)
  • Modelling and Simulation  (totally in English)

Call for applications 2024/25: Italian version and English version

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