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How to apply: Non EU applicants living outside Italy

Application process

Admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management (English track) is offered to 60 highly qualified applicants. A 5 students quota is reserved to Non-EU candidates living abroad

! EU citizens and non-EU citizens regularly living in Italy must follow the procedure available on Application for EU citizens and Non-EU citizens regularly living in Italy.

NON Eu citizens living outside Italy must comply with the following steps:

  • Read the Call for admissions 2024-25 available at the bottom of the webpage
  • Submit the online application and registration to the admission test: by 29th February, 2024 at 12.00 (UCT+1)
  • Pay the application's fee: 30 Euros
  • Prepare for the online admission test (English TOLC-E) that will be held on 14th March 2024 as CISIA private session

!! Registration to the admission test must be done by submitting the UniTrento online application and not on CISIA website.

The English TOLC-E taken on March 14 is valid for the admission to the Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Management of the University of Trento only. Any other Entlish TOLC-E taken in other session will not be accepted.

Admission requirements for non EU applicants living outside Italy

Non- EU applicants living outside Italy must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • hold a secondary school diploma awarded in Italy or other qualifications recognized as equivalent awarded abroad. Applicants who do not currently have the secondary school qualification can be accepted, provided that it will be obtained by July 31st, 2024. Further information about the documents of the Qualification that must be submitted and the procedures are available on NON EU citizens living outside Italy.
  • certify the knowledge of the English language, B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at least. 

English language requirement

Applicant can prove the English language requirements (B2 according to CEFR) as follows:

  • by submitting an international certificate of knowledge of the English language recognized by the Department of Economics and Management among the ones listed at the webpage Foreign languages. Candidates can also prove their language skills by submitting a provisional document or a Statement of Result with overall grade proving the passing of one of the above examinations;
  • by submitting provisional documents attesting to having passed the final exam and the subsequent issue of the international certificate
  • self-certifying that the upper secondary school course was taught entirely in English
  • declaring to be a native speaker of English
  • self-certifying that you are a citizen / citizen or resident in a country where the official language is English
  • taking the B2 level English language proficiency test at the University Language Center between September and December before the first exam session (this means after admission)

Further information is available on Foreign languages

Test contents and tools 

English TOLC-E consists of 36 questions divided into three sections in English: logic, reading comprehension and mathematics (90 minutes max). 

Logic and Reading comprehension
Logic and Reading Comprehension questions seek to test in particular the candidate’s aptitude rather than the skills acquired in secondary school. Therefore, they do not require a specific preparation.

Properties and operations on numbers (integers, rationals, real numbers). Absolute value. Polynomials (operations, factorization). First and second degree algebraic equations and inequalities or reducible. Powers and square roots. Exponentials and logarithms. Calculations with logarithms. Fractional, irrational, logarithmic and exponential rational equations and inequalities. Symbolic mathematics. Practical solution of simple linear systems. Cartesian coordinates. Equations of lines and of simple loci (circles, ellipses, parabolas, hyberbola). Graphs of elementary functions.

In order to pass the admission test, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 8 out 36

!! To take the test applicants must have a stable internet connection, a personal computer or laptop to sit the test and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) equipped with a camera and a microphone. 


Candidates with a passed GMAT or SAT test can be exempted from taking the English TOLC-E by converting the GMAT or SAT score. The minimum recognized scores are:

  • SAT minimum score to enter the final ranking is 900/1600.
  • GMAT minimum score to enter the final ranking is 450/800. 

Alternatively it is possible to sit the English TOLC-E on 14th March 2024. In this case the Selection commission will consider the highest grade obtained between the two tests (SAT/GMAT or English TOLC-E).

Admissions results

The ranking list of the quota (5 places) reserved to Non-EU applicants living outside Italy is available at the bottom of this page.

Admitted candidates confirming their place, will be required to pay the Enrollment confirmation fee of € 80 (Eighty Euros). Information will be given in the notification email.

application/pdfBando BEM Non Eu 2024-2025(PDF | 215 KB)
application/pdfCall for applications BEM Non Eu 2024-2025(PDF | 243 KB)
application/pdfBEM 2024 Ranking NON EU(PDF | 280 KB)