International opportunities for students

Enrolment procedures are different according to different type of applicants:

  • non-European citizens living outside Italy;
  • non-European citizens currently living in Italy with an Italian stay permit for work reasons (not a temporary/"stagionale" permit); family, religious or humanitarian reasons;
  • European citizens.

Please select the appropriate category from the menu on the left of this page.

After completing the admission process, in order to complete the enrolment at the University of Trento, students with a qualification obtained outside Italy will be asked to submit their study documents in this online application. Students will receive by the beginning of the academic year an email from UniTrento with information and deadlines for the mandatory submission of study documents.

Incorrect or missing documents will result in a total blockage or partial blockage of students' academic status (e.g. you cannot print any enrolment certificate, register for exams, etc.). As soon as the students submit the missing documents, the blockage will be cancelled.

Deadlines to upload the study documents

Undergraduate courses/5-year master’s courses

30 September 

Two-year’s master courses in English  

31 October
30 January

Two-year’s master courses in Italian

31 October
30 January

Master I/II level

One month after the enrolment

Recognition response 

Undergraduate courses/5-year master’s courses

by 31 October

Two-year’s master courses

by 30 November for those who enroled by the end of October
by 28 February for those who enroled by the end of January

Master I/II level

Two months after enrolment