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International opportunities for students

Trento and Rovereto are small and lively university towns where you can find different types of accommodation.

Before arriving to the University of Trento all international students will need to look for an accommodation. Please consider that it could be very difficult for you to find a private accommodation in Trento or in Rovereto from September to December because of the huge number of students arriving in Trento, and also if you are staying in Italy for less than one year.

Opera Universitaria lodgings

Opera Universitaria is a provincial institution dealing with the management and organization of student accommodation facilities and responsible for the organization of non-resident students in different categories for accommodation purposes.


You are eligible to apply for an accommodation at Opera Universitaria if you are: 

  • exchange student and you participate in an international mobility programme (e.g. Erasmus+, Erasmus+/ICM, Erasmus Mundus, Double degree, Bilateral Agreement, ITPAR, and so on). In this case you are entitled to the accommodation for the whole period of your study period in Trento and you have to book the room within the deadline (which is given to you in the pre-arrival letter);
  • PhD student: accommodation is available only for the first academic year;
  • "borsista a progetto": accommodation is available only for 6 months (it cannot be extended!);
  • a "study-research" visa holder: you are entitled to the accommodation until the end of the agreement;
  • one-year professional master's student: accommodation is available until the official date of graduation.
  • An international student going to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate course: you have to apply for Opera Universitaria's benefits and fulfill the economic and merit requirements foreseen in the Opera Universitaria call for applications;
  • An international student selected for a two-year Master’s degree course in English: accommodation is available for the first academic year starting from the reservation date agreed with UniTrento. Only if you are entitled to Opera Universitaria's benefits and fulfill the economic and merit requirements foreseen in the Opera Universitaria call for applications, you will be charged for a reduced fee and you will be entitle to stay in Opera lodgings until the end of the course.
  • Visiting professors and researchers (with work visa) and visiting PhD students (or interns outside mobility programmes/special projects without "borsa di studio a progetto") are accommodated in University apartments and have to refer to the referent of the Department/Centre inviting them.

Types of accommodation

  • in shared flats in Trento or Rovereto;
  • at San Bartolameo Student Residence Hall in Trento;
  • at Residenza Barelli in Rovereto.

Details about the specific accommodation and included services are available at the http://www.operauni.tn.it/servizi/alloggio/strutture  

Prices vary according to the category:

  • Students with Opera Universitaria benefits,
  • Students taking part in bilateral agreements, exchange students, doctoral students,
  • Post-doc and researchers.

For more details about rates please check the web page http://www.operauni.tn.it/servizi/alloggio/tariffe

How to book

  • As soon as the office in charge will forward the request of invitation at your name, UniTrento will send you the necessary information for the on-line reservation;
  • on-line booking is compulsory;
  • In case you do not receive any specific deadline for the reservation, a 30 days' notice is required.
  • After the reservation you will receive a written confirmation of your booking;
  • Information about the lodging you will be assigned to will be communicated by Opera together with information about deposit payment about two weeks before your arrival;
  • in case of unmotivated delay, your reservation will be cancelled after 48 hours.

Useful information

  • the compulsory deposit will be 360 euros (refundable) + 40 euros to be paid before leaving for checking out expenses (non-refundable);
  • it is important to read the regulations about the use of Opera Universitaria accommodation facilities very carefully (see http://www.operauni.tn.it/servizi/alloggio/regolamenti );
  • Opera Universitaria apartments are only for students and not for family members, partners or relatives unless they are enrolled to the University as well;
  • no pets are allowed;
  • you have to submit a copy of your lease contract when you apply for the stay permit at the Post Office - if not still available at the latest at the appointment with the Immigration office (Questura).

Extension or renewal of the housing contract

Opera Universitaria's housing contracts have a maximum validity period of one year.

If you are eligible for Opera Universitaria's housing and are willing/allowed to extend your contract for study reasons must proceed as follows, according to your profile: 

  • exchange students have to send the request for the contract extension by e-mail to the Staff for International Activities (programme/project referent) at least 30 days before the expiry date of the contract. 
  • International students going to enroll in an undergraduate or in a two-year Master’s degree course: for annual accommodation contract renewal you have to apply within the terms and conditions published in the yearly call for accommodations (published in June at this page: http://www.operauni.tn.it/servizi/borse-di-studio/bandi ).

The requests for contract extension will be assessed by the Housing Office depending on available lodgings.

The renewal of the accommodation contract is subjected to the regularization of any eventual debts owed to the Opera Universitaria.

Private accommodation

Are you interested in finding a private accommodation? Do you want to experience "real" student life in Trento? The University of Trento has joined the international network "HousingAnywhere", an online platform where foreign exchange students can register to offer or look for accommodation. HousingAnywhere manages the “house swapping” with other mobility students for short periods. The service is completely free and only concerns private accommodation (the Students Hall is excluded).  The platform guarantees that students will only deal with other students and is 100% safe and easy to use: just register with your university e-mail address and start searching for the perfect room! All accommodations are made available by local students who want to host an international roommate: this way you can really get to know Italian culture from the inside! For more information, contact local Brand Ambassador Rucel Leandro Torres Hernandez: alessandro.damiola [at] studenti.unitn.it

If you are planning to come to Trento with your family you need to search for an accommodation autonomously. In order to find a private accommodation you may refer to estate agencies, browse internet and read local newspapers for advertisements. Please find below some suggestion.

Web sites

Furthermore, the boards of the various hall-cafeterias of the Departments/Centres are usually full of advertisement posted by students and owners.
If you need a temporary accommodation for the first days of the stay, please see the download box "Temporary Accommodation in Trento/Rovereto".

UniTrento shall not provide any assistance in finding a private accommodation.