International opportunities for students
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Up to 90 days

You are allowed to move without restrictions throughout Italy without applying for a stay permit.
There are no requirements to fulfill during your stay in Italy, provided you have a valid identity document.

Over 90 days

You are allowed to move without restrictions throughout Italy without applying for a stay permit.

If your study period in Italy is longer than 12 months, you have to register in the “Anagrafe della popolazione residente” at the Local City Hall (Comune), which will imply the change of your permanent address (residenza) from your country to Italy.
In order to registering to the “Anagrafe della popolazione residente” you need the following documents:

  • certificate of enrolment in the University of Trento;
  • passport or identity card;
  • a private full-cover health insurance (valid in Italy for one year at least);
  • proof of adequate economic means during your stay in Trento. Alternatively, you can sign a statement declaring that you have sufficient financial resources;
  • if you stay in a private accommodation, the housing contract registered on your name
    * if the contract is not yet registered, you have to submit at least the contract duly signed by you and by the landlord;
    * if you do not have an official contract, you have to submit a specific form (called “Allegato E”, available at Comune) signed by the landlord;
  • if you stay in one of Opera Universitaria accommodations, the declaration called “Entrata in convivenza”. Please note that undergraduate and master courses students can receive this declaration from Opera Universitaria only when they achieve the number of credits required to get the benefits for the second year. PhD students will not receive the "Entrata in convivenza" certificate as they will stay in Opera Universitaria facilities just for 1 year.

What does "residenza" mean?

Residence (in Italian “residenza”): the address, in Italy or abroad, where a student has his/her permanent home or principal establishment and pays taxes; every person is compelled to have one and only one residence at a time.

Domicile (in Italian “domicilio”): the address of  temporary stay.
For foreign students the request to the Municipality of Trento for registration in the “Anagrafe dei residenti” demonstrates the change of residenza to Italy. It should be noted that the request for change of residence does not necessarily imply the release of the identity card, nevertheless the belonging of an Italian Identity card demonstrates the change of residenza.

It is MANDATORY that PhD students communicate to the Doctorate Office the change of their official residence IMMEDIATELY after they have modified it. Failure to notify the change of residence may have serious consequences even if it was not-deliberate.