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The Master’s degree programme in Physics is a two-year full-time programme taught in English and is designed to train and develop the careers of the next generation of physicists. Courses are tailored to cover all aspects of Modern Physics from the very basics to the current frontiers of knowledge.
More specifically, the Master’s degree programme in Physics aims at providing students with both a foundation in Modern Physics and more advanced specializations in Physics, as well as fostering students’ knowledge and understanding of one of the internationally leading research topics in Physics as shown by the significant contribution of their thesis work. The final thesis will be supervised by a member of the faculty and students will be required to give a verbal defense of the thesis.
Once graduated with a MSc in Physics, students will manage to work autonomously and to take charge of  projects and schemes in the fields of research and scientific and technological innovation. Students will be also able to employ their knowledge and skills for the planning of sophisticated measuring instruments and for the modeling of complex systems.