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The Joint programme in Physics (UNITN-SISSA) consists of 132 ECTS–credits for a two-year programme.
Students will undertake demanding full-time learning activities: attendance at leading laboratory sessions is compulsory, whereas attendance at lectures is strongly recommended.
All courses are taught in English.

First year

Core courses at UNITN (18 credits) :

  • Experimental Methods
  • Quantum Mechanics, Fields and Symmetries 
  • Quantum Field Theory I

Restricted-choice courses (24 credits)
The list of restricted-choice courses is available in the prospectus for the Master’s degree programme in Physics (Manifesto degli studi).

Free choice courses (12 credits)

The list of free choice courses is available in the prospectus for the Master’s degree programme in Physics  (Manifesto degli studi).

In-depth courses (6 credits)
Courses taught at UNITN by professors from SISSA

Second year

Core courses at SISSA (30 credits)
Information about the six taught modules at SISSA (Astroparticle Physics, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter, Statistical Physics, Molecular and Statistical Biophysics, Theoretical Physics)  are detailed here.

Final thesis (42 credits)

Credits required to complete the Joint programme in Physics (UNITN-SISSA): 132 ECTS

Notes: according to the Sorbonne (1988) and the Bologna (1999) declarations university-level study programmes in the European Higher Education Area are structured in university credits (ECTS). A university credit corresponds to 25 hours of student workload, time for personal preparation included. The annual average of workload for a full-time student is conventionally fixed at 60 credits.