International opportunities for students

The University of Trento financially supports 2 to 6 month-long traineeships in non-European countries.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: UniTrento recommends students not to start any mobility abroad until the pandemic situation will allow travelling safely again.

Who can apply

Students regularly enrolled in UniTrento at undergraduate, master and PhD level, as well as UniTrento students enrolled in single courses. If you are enrolled in single courses at the time of application for the internship, remember that you must be enrolled in a UniTrento master programme at the beginning of the traineeship.

If you are about to graduate, make sure you submit your application for a post-graduation traineeship before graduating.


Universities, research institutes, companies located in non-European countries.

Below is provided the list of traineeship proposals received from other organizations. Students are requested to contact directly the selected institution.

Traineeship offers from other contacts (GDrive folder)


From 2 to 4 months for students and PhD students. The scholarship will cover all the period. For this category, students may ask for an extension of up to two months (maximum duration 6 months), provided the extension is approved by the tutors of UniTrento and the hosting institution.

From 2 to 6 months for recently graduated students: The scholarship will be maximum for 3 months.

Traineeship working hours per week  must be at least 30 hours. Once started,  traineeship must not be interrrupted by any other activity.

If you interrupt the internship without valid and documented reasons within the first 2 months, or if you fail to submit the required paperwork at the end of the mobility, you will have to return the scholarship already received. Not returning the scholarship will result in the impossibility to enrol in the following academic year or to graduate.


The scholarship is only awarded if your traineeship as a student (undergraduate or master student) will lead to the recognition of credits necessary to obtain your degree.

The scholarship is 600 Euros per month (500 euros  for the United Kingdom). The amount is meant as gross amount and will be subject to taxation. The scholarship will be paid as a whole after your mobility has started (the payment can take up to 2 months). The scholarship can only be paid on your personal bank account: you will have to notify us your bank details before departure.

In addition to the scholarship amount, you might receive a top-up according to your economic condition as per the ISEE index:

ISEE 2019 Monthly top up amount
ISEE<13.000 Euros 350 Euros
13.000<ISEE<21.000 Euros 300 Euros
21.000<ISEE<26.000 Euros 250 Euros
26.000<ISEE<30.000 Euros 200 Euros

Please note: ISEE top-up does not apply to EMBS students, whether Italian, European or Extra European.

Further notes:

  • The scholarship is meant to be only a contribution to the mobility costs. We recommend to check the costs of living in the destination country particularly for visa purposes, if applicable;
  • possible fringe benefits (e.g. meal vouchers, reimbursement of travel costs, etc) and additional financial support if offered by the host institution are compatible with this scholarship;
  • during your internship you will continue paying tuition fees to the University of Trento (unless you are waived from them), therefore the hosting university is not entitled to ask for any tuition fees;
  • you cannot benefit from more than one scholarship assigned by UniTrento for the same activity and carried out in the same time frame (except for the doctoral scholarship increase).

In case of any disability, students are invited to contact international [at] and the proper Mobility Office - contacts at the bottom of the page - to enquire about access to additional support and fundings by UniTrento.

Application requirements

At the time of application you must:

  • be regularly enrolled in one of UniTrento programmes, except for single courses students who must be enrolled at the time of departure. For PhD students being regularly enrolled means not having suspended their PhD programme;
  • possess a level of the language of the traineeship equal to or higher than B1. Carefully check how you are asked to certify the language level in the Table of language level in the download Box;
  • have a GPA registered on Esse3 equal to or higher than 24/30.

Moreover, if you are doing your traineeship during your undergraduate or master programme:

  • have a minimum number of CFU credits registered on Esse3 as written on Table of CFU required in the Download Box;
  • start the internship at the latest by 31st July of your extension year (meaning the1st year after the standard duration of your programme).

For post-graduation traineeship: having already graduated at the time of departure and finishing the traineeship at the latest within 12 months from the graduation date.

If you participate in a Double Degree programme, you can do your internship only if you have passed all the exams foreseen in the joint study plan and only in a different destination country than the one of your Double Degree.  In addition, your motivation letter has to be approved by the academic tutors of both universities, who need to confirm that the internship is consistent with the Double Degree programme. Students enrolled in the joint master EMBS European Master in Business Studies and participating in the EIT Digital double degree programme can apply for internship scholarship also for destination countries entailed by the programme itself (provided that they are not benefitting from a programme grant). This is applicable also to double degree students coming from the partner universities Shanghai International Studies University (China), Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lituania) and American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan).

Candidates who have been granted another mobility scholarship for the same period (e.g. Bilateral Agreement) will be allowed to participate in only one of the mobilities and will have to withdraw from the other one.

How to apply

You have to apply online using the Apply  for UniTrentoTraineeship abroad 

Required documents

You have to attach:

  • the acceptance letter from the hosting institution;
  • the motivation letter already validated by the relevant faculty at your Department/Centre. Please check the Table in the Download Box.

Missing attachments will invalidate your application. Once submitted, you will not be able to amend your application. You can only apply for one destination. 


Applications are accepted by the end of each month. The internship can start as early as 45 days after the monthly deadline (e.g. if you apply any time in July, you will be able to begin the internship starting from 15 September).

By the 15th of the month following the application, the list of admitted candidates will be published online (slight delays might occur during the month of August).

Within 5 days from the date of the online publication of the admitted candidates, you have to email the International Mobility staff to confirm your participation in the programme and acceptance of the scholarship.

Internship conclusion

Within 15 days from the end of the internship, you have to submit the required paperwork to the International Mobility staff.

Only traineesships duly certified through a Traineeship Certificate will be recognised to undergraduate and master students in terms of CFU credits.

Further information

You are entitled to attend a CLA course in the traineeship language or in the language of the destination country ( Any further course will be at your charge. For additional information about courses’ timetables and registration, visit the CLA website