International opportunities for students

What is Traineeship in non-European countries

This programme allows you to do your traineeship in non-European countries. The programme is currently suspended for traineeships during the course of study.


Students regularly enrolled in UniTrento at undergraduate, master level or PhD programmes applying for a post-graduation traineeship. For those enrolled in inter-university study courses, participation is only permitted if the career is managed by the University of Trento (i.e. the student has started his/her university career at UniTrento).

The programme is currently suspended for traineeships during the course of study.

If you are about to graduate, make sure that you submit your application for a post-graduation traineeship before graduating.


Universities, research institutes, companies located in non-European countries. As non-European countries are considered the countries not mentioned in the Destinations box at the Traineeship in Erasmus+ countries webpage. Internships in Ukraine and Russia are currently not possible.

Below is provided the list of traineeship proposals received from other organizations. Students are requested to contact directly the selected institution.

Traineeship offers from other contacts (GDrive folder) (use your account UniTrento to access the folder)

Please note: mobility towards the following non-European partners is possible only for study purposes (courses attendance).

United States: University of Massachusetts Lowell, California State University
Canada: McMaster University, Sherbrooke University, Carleton University, University of Calgary
China: Shanghai University, Shanghai International Studies University
Japan: Nagasaki University
Australia: University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, Macquarie University


Duration differs according to the type of traineeship.

Traineeship as students: the programme is currently suspended until 31 July 2023 for traineeships during the course of study.

Traineeship as recent graduates: from 2 to 6 months. The scholarship will be awarded for a maximum of 3 months.

Once started, the traineeship must not be interrrupted by any other activity. Traineeship working hours per week must be at least 32 hours. The maximum working hours during the internship depends on the local legislation which the host institution must adhere to. 

If you interrupt the internship without valid and documented reasons or if you fail to submit the required paperwork at the end of the mobility, you will have to return the scholarship already received. Not returning the scholarship will result in the impossibility to enrol in the following academic year or to graduate.

Important note for Opera Universitaria accommodation grantees: if you got your Opera Universitaria accommodation through the International Mobility Office, please note that you will have to leave your accommodation at the time of departure for the internship abroad and that you will not be eligible for another one ionce you are back.

How to apply

You have to apply online using the Apply for UniTrentoTraineeship abroad

 You can only apply for one destination. Applications are accepted by the end of each month. The internship can start as early as 45 days after the monthly deadline (e.g. if you apply any time in July, you will be able to begin the internship starting from 15 September).

By the 15th day of the month following the application, the list of admitted/not admitted candidates will be published online (slight delays might occur during the month of January and August).

Within 5 days from the date of the online publication of the admitted candidates, you have to email the International Mobility staff to confirm your participation in the programme and acceptance of the scholarship.

Application requirements

When submitting your application, you must

The application must be sent while you are still a student, i.e. no later than the day before graduation, otherwise you will be excluded from the programme.

The conditions for mobility are:

  • start the traineeship after the date of graduation;
  • finish the traineeship within 12 months from the date of graduation;
  • start the internship within 31 July of the 1st year beyond the standard duration of your programme (1st year "fuori corso");

Further information

Within 15 days from the end of the internship, you have to submit the required paperwork to the International Mobility staff.

Only traineeships duly certified through a Traineeship Certificate will be recognised to undergraduate and master students in terms of CFU credits. A reference letter will be sent as conclusion of the mobility to all partecipants by UniTrento.

You are entitled to attend a CLA course in the traineeship language or in the language of the destination country ( Any further course will be at your charge. For additional information about courses' timetables and registration, visit the CLA website


The scholarship amount for post graduate traineeship is subject to taxation. The scholarship will be paid in a single installment once the physical mobility has started.

For a.y. 2022/2023 UniTrento offers scholarships differentiated by family income:  

Grant for month ISEE range
€ 700 > 30.001
€ 900 20.001-30.000
€ 1.100 < 20.000

Please note:

  • the scholarship can only be paid on your personal bank account: you will have to notify us your bank details before departure;
  • the scholarship is meant to be only a contribution to the mobility costs. We recommend to check the costs of living in the destination country particularly for visa purposes, if applicable;
  • possible fringe benefits (e.g. meal vouchers, reimbursement of travel costs, etc) and additional financial support if offered by the host institution are compatible with this scholarship;

In case of any disability, students are invited to contact international [at] and the proper Mobility Office - contacts at the bottom of the page - to enquire about access to additional support and fundings by UniTrento.