International opportunities for students

The University of Trento offers to its PhD students a new funded opportunity of international mobility for doctoral research abroad.


PhD students regularly enrolled at the University of Trento.


Mobility can be carried out at one of UniTrento partner Universities located in an extra-EU country (see partners list in the download box).
It is possible to apply for other non EU Universities, though priority will be given to mobilities at UniTrento partner Universities.


The duration is 3 months. Shorter durations cannot be financed. Longer durations will be financed up to 3 months.

Scholarships available

The University of Trento can finance 20 scholarships for doctoral research abroad. The grants will be assigned monthly on the basis of funds availability and following the order of the application received.

The amount of the scholarship depends on the destination country:

  • 2000 euro/3 months for partner destinations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas;
  • 3000 euro/3 months for partner destinations in Oceania and Japan;

The scholarship will be paid within two months after the start of the mobility (departure must be certified by the delivery of a copy of the boarding pass to the relevant office). 

How to apply

Interested students have to apply online (see webpage dedicated to the open selection calls) submitting the following documents:

  • scanned copy of the candidate’s motivation letter, indicating the research project to be carried out in the partner university, approved and signed by the Doctoral Supervisor; in case the supervisor has not been appointed yet, it will have to be signed by the Doctoral Course Coordinator or by a scientific referent belonging to the Academic Staff Board (use template available in the download box);
  • scanned copy of the acceptance letter by the host institution (use template available).

Incomplete applications will not be admitted to the mobility.

This mobility cannot overlap other international mobilities. For students on a co-tutelle agreement with a partner institution, the destination university must be different from the latter.


Applications received are considered for funding on a monthly basis (at the end of the month). The list of accepted students will be available by the 15th of the month after application.

Mobility will be possible after 30 days from the end of the month of application (e.g.: if the application was done in January, the departure will be possible from March).

All mobilities must start within the end of January 2020.


For information regarding the feasibility of this mobility in the frame of the doctoral course, candidates can contact the Secretariat of the Doctoral Programme. For information regarding this mobility opportunity, they can refer to the Staff for International Relations of their academic area (see contacts below).