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International opportunities for students


The Erasmus+ Programme allows professors and students of UniTrento to spend abroad in a partner university or another relevant organization in a country member of the Programme (Key Action 1 – Individual Mobility). A contribution for travel, room and board expenses is provided. Erasmus+ Indire National Agency acts as a bridge for the European Commission.


Destination Countries

The program is different depending on the geographical area of the partner Universities with whom UniTrento signs the Agreements.

  • Programme Countries (European Destinations)
  • Partner Countries (International Credit Mobility in Extra-EU Countries)

The students citizens of participating countries are not allowed to choose as a destination a University of their own country.


  • Study: course attendance, thesis research/PhD, traineeship combined with study activities
  • Traineeship: at the moment available only for European destinations (Programme Countries)


  • Study: bachelor students, master students, PhDs
  • Training (only Programme Countries): bachelor students, master students, PhDs (during the studying period) or new-graduates of I or II level selected when still enrolled (post-graduation Traineeship)


The Erasmus+ Program duration is 3 to 12 months for study purposes, and 2 to 12 months for training purposes. Anyway, the duration of the mobility depends on the destination country and it is determined by the Selection Call of UniTrento, as well as the mobility period.

Repeating Mobility with Erasmus+

The same student can spend multiple periods of mobility within each cycle of studies (undergraduate, master, doctorate) up to 12 months (24 months for five-year master’s courses). Periods spent abroad with LLP/Erasmus Program or LLP/Leonardo Da Vinci Program or Erasmus Mundus Programme are counted as well to reach the maximum of 12 (or 24) months.


  • Study: Higher Education Institutions (see the download box for the list of partners of UniTrento)
  • Traineeship: public or private firms, Higher Education Institutions or training/research centres

Selection Call

To participate in the mobility it is necessary to participate in the yearly Selection Calls (see Active Selection call page):

  • Erasmus+ Study (Programme Countries): selection call published in September for mobility starting from following June (to be confirmed a second call in March)
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship: two selection calls per year, one in April for mobility starting in September (UniTrento selection call), the other in September for mobility starting in January (Consortia selection call)
  • Erasmus+ Study (International Credit Mobility – partner countries): annual selection call in October/November for mobility for the I semester of the following academic year (I and II level students). Separate call for PhD mobility (with more flexible timing)


  • Erasmus+ Study (Program Countries): between 350 and 400 euros depending on the country of destination.
    Those scholarship amounts can be integrated with an additional contribution (from 150 to 300 €/month) depending on the economic conditions of the student (based to their ISEE economic indicator), according to the DM 1047/2017.
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship: between 450 and 500 euros depending on the country of destination
  • Erasmus+ Study (International Credit Mobility – partner countries): 650 euros per month + grant for travel expenses with an amount differentiated depending on the country of destination