International opportunities for students


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SW Indonesia

Matteo Sciubba, Elia Vincenzi, Francesca Fontanella, Giacomo Casadei, Alberto Gloder e Ivan Giaccaglia 

Department: respectively, Humanities, Mathematics, DICAM, Economics and Management, Psycology and Cognitive Science

Mobility Programme: ASEA-UNINET Students Week 

Host University: Universitas Indonesia

Period of Mobility: 18-31 August 2019

Comments: The advice each of us feels to give you is: dare to do it! Don't let the 24 hours of travel stop you, do not be intimidated by local customs, give your best without fear.

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Leaving the majestic charm of the university, the clash with reality was inevitable, real poverty exploded - "Matteo, think slowly!" - This was the advice I was given when addened by poverty and I can bring back to students overwhelmed by commitments.

Andrea Bonassi

Andrea Bonassi

Department: Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

Type of mobility: exchange student

Mobility Programme: Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (funded by the EU)

Host University: Nagasaki University (Giappone)

Period of Mobility: Ottobre 2016 – Marzo 2017

Comments“ER+ICM Project has offered me the possibility to spend 5 months at Nagasaki University to carry out a research-based internship in the scientific field. I have had the pleasure to internalize salient features of an environment competed between the ancient and the new worlds, absorbing its ethical values and extraordinary traditions. Along with a challenging integration through which I have broadened my horizon, I could increase my skills by means of different experimental aims and statistical applications, boosting cooperation in group activities and problem solving abilities in unusual situations.”

Amr Salem

Amr Salem

Department: Department of Industrial Engineering

Type of mobility: exchange student

Mobility Programme: Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (funded by the EU)

Host University: McMaster University (Canada)

Period of Mobility: beginning of 2017

The experience at McMaster University in Canada has been amazing and unique. The university is very prestigious and well known for the different science branches. The city is nice and close to other beautiful places, as Toronto and Niagara Falls. I have met a lot of students from over the world and got in contact with a real multicultural environment. I totally recommend such a great experience for personal and academic growth. Keep in mind that the most two difficult moments are, when you just arrive and when you have to leave. So, just release your fears and do it!


Tommaso Pavanin

Struttura Accademica: Dipartimento di Economia e Management

Università ospitante: Nagasaki University

Programma di mobilità: Accordi bilaterali

Tipo di mobilità: Undergraduate exchange student

Periodo di mobilità: Marzo - Settembre 2017

Testimonianza: I have started my exchange semester on March 21st and finished it on September 8th. During this semester, I had the chance to meet many interesting people and discover much about Japanese economy and, Kyushu economy. Being an exchange student from Italy, studying economics at the university of Nagasaki, and the internship at the 18bank gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with the Japanese working environment and to understand how important is the relationship between universities and companies.  

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More on details of what I have done during this semester will be needed to understand better my experience. At the beginning of the semester I met many interesting and funny people. Those people were both foreigners and Japanese. After a while we were hanging out together quite often and this helped a lot to make even more friends (especially among Japanese student). As today I am still in contact with many of the people met in Nagasaki and I hope that I will meet them again. Nagasaki city is a very nice place to live, not too big not too small, there are many beautiful places to spend time at and it is somehow active also during the night. One of the few negative side of the city, and japan in general, is the very high humidity and the extremely hot temperature in summer. Overall, I would say that my exchange experience helped me to have a better understanding of Japanese working culture. Personally, the thing I found more interesting were some courses about the Japanese economy because I learned many useful information about Japanese trade and I also had an interesting discussion with the head of the office. Also, very important was the visit at the Castella factory where I visited the production site as well as the office JETRO during my internship. There I discussed with a consultant about the current sales strategies of the company and how they think to expand in the future. I was very surprised to find out that the trade ties with Europe (mainly the UK) are relatively few and they are much higher in the Asian countries and that they made an exposition of the Castella cake two years ago, in Milan. Overall, I think it was a positive experience and I am glad I have done it even if for a short period of only six months.