International opportunities for students

Why study International Management?

Making the difference in a company and affecting its success needs a mix of competences, both technical and personal. Successful managers contribute meaningfully to organizations only if they are equipped with specific knowledge, skills, and abilities that are honed through a comprehensive set of management education experiences.

The Master's degree in International Management (MIM) provides you with a theoretical background as well as a rich set of analytical tools that will allow you to perform effectively in an international business environment. Specifically, it provides a sound knowledge in international management with a quantitative approach, alongside solid foundations in economics and law with the aim of developing young executives who can think analytically and make decisions to impact critical outcomes. Also, interaction with companies and the exposure to a mix of world cultures develop soft skills required to become successful international managers. 

Aimed at graduates and young professionals from all backgrounds, the programme provides an in-depth understanding of the needs and trends of the European, as well as the global marketplaces. 

In the Business Labs you can refine your entrepreneurial attitude and learn to adapt to unexpected situations in order to solve problems and contribute to the success of a company. By working on the creation of startups, you enhance your creativity and learn how to design sound business models and to work in real life situations with an innovative attitude.

Teaching Methodology

MIM is based on a mixture of teaching methods, which is believed to be the best balance to merge a thorough understanding of theoretical issues with the ability to apply them in real-life situations. 

Traditional classes are complemented by frequent group discussions, active participation, case study analysis where students are confronted with different business scenarios and asked to provide concrete solutions to real life problems.
This approach fosters a fruitful cooperative learning: students get used to high pressure situations, and through factual learning and a stimulating internship experience they are provided with a solid platform to make the best possible decision.

Your Network

Business students consider large institutions, international groups, cutting-edge start-ups and non-profit organizations as their main professional goal. On the other hand, multinationals, international companies, and growing enterprises look at brilliant business graduates as a source of growth and success. 

MIM will help you to build your personal Network and find a path that fits with your aspirations.