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Instructor: Gabriella Berloffa, gabriella.berloffa [at]
Class hours: 18

Objectives of the course

The main objective of this series of lectures is to review relevant economic notions and theories that are important for the formation of a common conceptual background. A discussion of the major concepts introduced during basic microeconomics and macroeconomics courses will be provided. 

Contents of the course

  • Markets' functioning; 
  • Consumer theories and demand analysis; 
  • Firms' decisions in different market structures; 
  • Basic concepts of national accounting; 
  • A model of aggregate demand and supply; 
  • Growth theories; 
  • International trade.

Verification of learning

  • Entry Test
  • Exit Test

Teaching methods



(BB) Baumol, W., and Blinder, A., 2015, Economics: Principles and Policy, Thomson - South-Western. Previous editions of this textbook can also be used.