International opportunities for students


What is the duration of the MIM program?
The MIM program takes two years to be completed.

Is MIM offered also for part-time students?
No. MIM is a full-time Program. You are supposed to take all the classes in the same order and at the same time as your classmates.

Is MIM a Master of Science, MBA or a professional Master?
MIM is a Master Degree (laurea magistrale). 2 years, full-time.

What is the difference between MIM and MBA Degrees?

Usually, full-time MBA degrees deal with core business classes like accounting, finance, economics and statistics. Our MIM has a stronger focus on international business and economics, while at the same time covering issues related to international law, as well as quantitative methods. While MBA students would study e.g. finance, MIM students study international finance. Our MIM program integrates more of its curriculum with an international outlook. Finally, work experience is well appreciated but not compulsory.

Does my undergraduate degree have to be in business to enter the MIM program?
. Students with a wide range of different backgrounds are accepted. We strongly rely on the GMAT/GRE test to evaluate students attitude to management studies.

Do I need some math background to enter the MIM program?
. Despite the fact that our MIM program is not overly math-focused, we do require basic knowledge of maths and quantitative methods. At the beginning of the program (first weeks of September) we provide some intensive courses to take before you can begin our MIM program.

Do I need work experience to access the MIM program?
No. Work experience is appreciated, but not required.

How much does it cost? Is there any scholarship?

Further information about tuition fees and scholarship is available at the webpage Tuition fees and scholarships.


Can I apply for more than one Master Degree?
Yes, but in case of admission you will have to choose one.

What level of English language is required?
We require a fluent written and spoken English knowledge, minimum B2 level according to CEFR. TOEFL, IELTS or similar certifications are accepted. English is an admission requirement. Please check the details at the webpage How to apply.

Do I have to provide official translation of all documents?
In the online application (first step): No, but if you already have them you can upload them.
After being accepted (second step): Yes
There are two major steps in the application procedure. The first one is the application online. In this first step, you do not need to provide official certifications. It is important that we can understand your documents (e.g. transcripts etc) so please provide them in in English (or in Italian). You can also translate them by yourself. In this first step we base on your own statement to evaluate your application. If you pass the selection and are accepted in the Program, you go on to the second step, which will start approximately by mid April. In the second step, you will be asked to certify the statements you made in the first step, and hence you will provide certified translations (into Italian) of all the required documents . These certifications must confirm the statements you made in the first step. Please note that if the statements made in the first step and the certifications provided in the second step do not match, you acceptance in the Master, as well as your eligibility for the scholarship if applicable, can be revoked.

Is Italian language knowledge required?

No: the Master Degree is taught entirely in English. However Italian language courses during the Master are organized for free for international students by the Language Centre of the University of Trento.

What level of computer knowledge is required?
We require a good ability to use the most common computer tools (word processing, spreadsheet, databases...). Certifications are a plus.

Can I apply even if I don't have the GMAT?
. Your application will be processed even if you haven't done the GMAT, provided that you meet the minimum requirements (bachelor, English and computer knowledge). However, applicants with the GMAT have more chances to be admitted at the MIM, since GMAT/GRE score makes up 10% of the application score.

Do you have a code number for TOEFL test takers?
 MIM code number for TOEFL test takers is 2348. You should provide this number when you take the test, so that the University of Trento can get your test results directly from the ETS (Educational Testing Service). In fact, the University of Trento is an authorized recipient of TOEFL score reports. In any case, test results must be upload on the online application.

Can I take the GMAT test on campus?
 The University of Trento is the only Italian University, and one of the few in Europe, which offers its students the opportunity to take the GMAT test on campus, as UniTrento is a GMAT test centre recognized by GMAC.

Do you have a code number for GRE test takers?
Yes. MIM code number for GRE test takers: 3892

Is there an application fee?

Yes. The Application fee is 15 Euros.