International opportunities for students

MEIS students have numerous opportunities to spend a study/research period abroad, through the Double Degree programme, the Advanced Degree Module on EU Policies  and various international exchange and Erasmus programmes.



The double degree is an integrated study programme (also called joint programme), established by two or more universities, that allows students to attend part of their university career at the University of Trento and part at a partner university, thus obtaining both the Italian and the foreign qualifications at the same time.The programme pursues three main aims: diversification of the education; quality learning of a foreign language; deeper understanding of a different nation and culture.

We offer this program with the  Metropolitan University of Prague, 


bilateral agreement is an agreement signed by two universities which choose to become partners to achieve common specific aims related to: student mobility, joint research activities, common activities such as the organization of seminars or conferences, etc.

The University of Trento has bilateral agreements with partner universities from all over the world. Here you can find a list of the agreements of interest to MEIS students:


The Erasmus+ Programme allows professors and students of UniTrento to spend abroad in a partner university or another relevant organization in a country member of the Programme (Key Action 1 – Individual Mobility). A contribution for travel, room and board expenses is provided. The list of SIS's partner university can be found here:


The University of Trento offers to its students a new opportunity of international mobility for thesis research abroad in Universities or institutes selected by the student in accordance with the UniTrento academic supervisor. 


Although an internship is not compulsory, experience on an internship is considered to be important for the MEIS programme and the development of the student and their future career. The average internship lasts for three months. Significantly shorter or longer periods will not be authorized, except for exceptional and properly justified cases. UniTrento offers several opportunities to get a scholarship for traineeship abroad.