International opportunities for students

First year

  • Contemporary History
  • Principles of International Economics
  • Elements of International and European Union Law
  • European and International Politics
  • English Language
  • Quantitative methods in Social Sciences (basic or advanced)
  • Language Workshop (second foreign language, other than English and Italian)
  • One elective course 

Second year

Students have to choose one of the two alternatives from each discipline area:

  • Global Economic Policy or The Economics of European Integration
  • The Legal Framework of EU Policies  or  Human Rights and Natural Resources under International Law
  • Strategic Studies or Advanced European Studies
  • Political Philosophy or Political Theory 


Over the two years students choose a further 3 elective courses from:

  • Labour Right in the Global Economy
  • Peace and Conflict Studies: Theory and Methods
  • Science, Technology and Global Affairs
  • People, Politics and the Planet
  • Democratizing Security: Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Age of Uncertainty
  • International History
  • Minorities, Regionalism and Borders in Europe
  • History and Politics of the Middle East: Conflicts, Ideologies and Democratisation
  • The Use of Force in International Politics
  • International Cooperation, Development and Security
  • Global Migration and Security
  • Natural Resources and Energy Security
  • Global Markets and Security Issues
  • Geographies of Security
  • Any other courses taught in English at Master’s level offered by any Department of the University of Trento, provided that they are coherent with the MEIS study plan, can be chosen as electives.

Final dissertation writing and defence
All courses are taught in English.

Here you can find the syllabus of each course.

Total complete program: 120 ECTS