International opportunities for students

The Master's Degree in European and International Studies prepares students for careers both in the public and the private sectors.
Graduates will be qualified:

  • to hold positions of responsibility within national and international institutions engaged in European and international affairs and private enterprises operating in international markets;
  • to work for governmental and non-governmental organisations engaged in areas such as human rights, environmental protection, institution-building, project management, etc.;
  • to hold positions as analysts, advisors and consultants in private and public companies;
  • to enter the diplomatic service.

For those intending to continue their studies, the MEIS provides a solid basis for admission to PhD programmes in International Studies in disciplines relating to economics, history, law and political and social sciences.

Former MEIS students have gone on to rewarding careers as young diplomats, policy advisors, consultants, project coordinators, researchers, and the like, or have been admitted to prestigious PhD and Advanced Master's programmes in Europe and North America. The Alumni of the MEIS and of the PhD programme in International Studies constitute a dynamic network of professional contacts.