International opportunities for students

Non-EU students living outside Italy

Annual University tuition fees for non-EU citizens resident abroad is €6.000 per academic year. The amount of the tuition fees can be reduced on the basis of the application score obtained during the selection as follows:

Tuition Fees Amount

Application score

Full tuition waiver (no Tuition fee is due)

Application score between 90 and 100

€ 1.000

Application score between 70 and 89,9

€ 2.000

Application score between 60 and 69,9

€ 4.500

Application score between 50 and 59,9

Tuition fees amount for the following years will be calculated according to the student's performance (credits gained until August 10 each year).

Scholarships: top scored candidates will be entitled to receive a scholarship from the University of Trento for the yearly amount of 5.200 € according to the availability of scholarships. Entitled students will be informed about the scholarship by the Master Manager when the acceptance to the Master will be notified. 

Students who benefit from the scholarship are waived from tuition fees. Students in the "fee waiver" bracket are not necessarily entitled to receive a scholarship from the University of Trento.
Click here for more information about the scholarships.

Eu citizens and NON-EU citizens regularly living in Italy

Eu students are entitled to specific fee reductions on the basis of their financial situation: the tuition fees may range from 346€ to 3.345€. 

The amount can be partially or totally reduced according to the economic situation of the student's family calculated by an economic index called "ISEE". EU students (Italian excluded) will receive instructions on how to compute the ISEE (ISEE parificato), while Italian students will find more information at the following link: Please remember that if you do not want the ISEE to be computed, you will have to pay the maximum amount. 
Once the ISEE has been computed students can apply for the Opera Universitaria scholarship, starting from June/July. More information about the Opera Universitaria scholarships will be available soon at the following link:

Cost of living 

Besides tuition fees you must be able to afford the average cost of living in Trento which is around € 600-700 per month. More information are available at the following page: Cost of living.