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The FBN track trains students to combine behavioural, electrophysiological and molecular biology in animals of different species to unveil the neural underpinnings of basic sensory and cognitive functions with a comparative perspective. It offers a range of theoretical courses in basic and advanced neurobiology and neuroscience, in healthy animals and in animal models of clinical conditions, and a set of hands-on courses in fundamental behavioural neuroscience data recordings and analyses. 

Behavioural techniques include conditioning, imprinting and preference choice, and neuroscientific techniques include  single cell recordings, two-photon calcium imaging, immunohistochemical and fluorescent microscopy, gene expression analysis, genome editing, neuronal cell culture and viral-mediated gene transfer. 

This track prepares students to pursue a research-oriented career in the field of fundamental cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, whether in academia or industry.

Educational offer a.y. 2022/23