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Frequently Asked Questions

About MCS

Is the attendance compulsory?

Attendance is not compulsory unless specified in the syllabus, but it is strongly suggested.

Are there any employment opportunities while studying?

As a student you can apply for paid part-time working activities at the University of Trento (150 ore), which require a basic knowledge of Italian.
You can find more information about "150 hours employment opportunities" here.

How many applications do you receive on average per year? What are the chances to be admitted?

We cannot tell you in advance what are the chances of being admitted. However, we can tell you that the rate of applicants/positions for last year (2019-2020) was of 123 applications for 50 open positions. 

Admission requirements

Is there any admission test?

There is no admission test. The selection is based only on the application documents required here.

Can I apply with any kind of Bachelor's degree?

You can apply to the Master's degree in Cognitive Science with any kind of Bachelor's degree (at least three years) awarded by an internationally recognized university. However, the coherence between Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree objectives will be taken into account for the selection criteria.

Is it necessary to have a minimum number of ECTS in the Cognitive Science disciplines for applying to MCS?

It is not necessary to have a specific number of ECTS in certain subject areas. However, it is recommended to have at least 50 credits in the scientific-disciplinary sectors related to the Cognitive Sciences.

Bachelor's degree and official Univerisity transcripts

Can I apply if I have not graduated yet?

Yes, students who have not completed their Bachelor's, but expect to graduate before June 30, 2020 (for non-EU students living abroad) and before October 31, 2020 (for EU students or non EU-students living in Italy), have to provide an enrollment certificate from their university stating their expected graduation date (Italian applicants can provide a self-declaration).

I have already graduated, but my University has not yet issued my degree certificate. What can I do?

If you don't have an official certificate yet, you can upload a provisional one, or a self-declaration (only Italian applicants). You are required to send the official certificate as soon as you receive it. 

I have not completed all my courses. Can I upload my provisional transcript of records?

You can upload a transcript of records which states the single courses you have passed until now, providing a list with the title and grade of each exam, and final mark. All the documents must be written or translated in English or Italian.

Is the certificate that I can download from my online university platform (e.g. Esse3) accepted as transcript of records? Or do you require an official certificate with signature and stamp?

Students of an Italian university do not need signature and stamp on the certificate and can download the document from the online university platform. For foreign universities, we ask to provide a certificate with official stamp and signature.

English proficiency certificate

Can I be exempted from the requirement to submit an English International Language Certificate?

Candidates who are English native speakers, or have a degree from a university or high school program entirely thaught in English, are exempted from submitting a certificate of English proficiency. We only ask you to submit a self-certification along with your application, or a declaration from your University or high school stating that the official language of instruction is English. 

Is there any special form to fill out for the self-certification of my English knowledge?

There is no special form for the English knowledge self-declaration. 

Is it possible to send the English proficiency certificate after the application deadline?

Yes, it is possible. Deadlines for sending the certificate are: 30 June for Non-Eu student, 31 October 2020 for Eu students.

Application procedure

Is it compulsory to write my statement of purpose in English?

Yes, your statement of purpose must be written in English.

How can I pay the Application Fee? Will I receive a confirmation that the payment was successful?

The payment is possible only by credit card, instructions will be sent to you via e-mail after the submission of the online application. A confirmation message will be displayed once the payment has been processed. Applicants who do not pay the application fee will not be evaluated for the access to the Master. 

Can I add supporting documents to my application after submitting it?

No. It is not possible to reopen the application once it is submitted.

Reference letter

I do not have any referee to ask for a reference letter. Can I apply anyway?

The reference letter is not mandatory. However, submitting it could be usefull to better evaluate your application.

In which language should the letter be written?

The reference letter can be written in Italian or in English. We strongly encourage you to use the sample reference letter to write it.

How many reference letters are accepted?

You may submit up to three reference letters. Letters should be written in English by one of your University professors and/or by managers in your company.

My referee is a company manager. Is it mandatory to use the sample letter you suggest?

It is not mandatory to use the sample letter, but it is strongly suggested. In case your referee decides not to use the sample letter, we kindly ask you to write the reference letter on letterhead. 

Is it possible to send the reference letter without my signature?

Your signature is not needed on the reference letter, your name and surname on the first page are enough. The letter must be signed by the referee.

Is it possible to send the reference letter after/before submitting my application?

You can send your reference letter at any time after starting the application process, and until the meeting of the admission committee, to mcs [at]


Transfer to MCS 

Is it possible to transfer from a different Master's course to MCS?

You can transfer from a different course to Master in Cognitive Science, after applying for the MCS course and being admitted. 

Can I enroll directly to the second year of the study course? Which are the requirements?

Students can be admitted at the II year only if there are places available and the student can be recognized 48 credits. This should be done through a transfer application to the Master's degree course in Cognitive Science - Scienze Cognitive (MCS) and it can be submitted only in case of positive evaluation by the selection committee.

I already completed a Master's degree. Will some of my previous credits be recognized?

Some of your credits could be recognized, a proper request for this has to be made through the application for the Academic credit transfer evaluation.
For more information write to mcs@unitn.

Ranking lists

When will the ranking lists be published?

The ranking lists will be published in March, 2020. 

How will the candidates be informed about the publication of the ranking list?

All candidates will be notified by email with the link to the selection results.

Can I enroll to MCS even if I am not admitted to the UniTrento-SISSA program?

Yes, in order to be admitted for the UniTrento-SISSA program, you first need to be admitted to the Master's program, so it is perfectly possible to enroll to the Master's program even if your application for the UniTrento-SISSA is unsuccessful.