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Cognitive neuroscience is the study of the mind and brain, and it is concerned with the neural and cognitive bases of how and why people perceive, think and act the way they do. The CN track trains students to combine a variety of behavioural and neuroimaging techniques to understand the neuro-cognitive mechanisms underlying human cognitive functions, from perception to motor control, from language and memory to conceptual processing.

It offers a range of theoretical and practical courses in basic and advanced cognitive neuroscience and neurobiology, in healthy individuals and in neuropsychological patients, and courses in advanced signal processing and data analysis with a special focus on brain imaging (EEG, MEG, functional and anatomical MRI) and brain stimulation techniques (TMS, tDCS).

This track prepares students to pursue a research-oriented career in the field of human cognitive neuroscience, whether in academia or industry.

Educational Offer 2023/24