International opportunities for students


The admissions committee will place the candidates found suitable on two separate lists in order of classification for admission onto the Master's course (one list for non-EU citizens permanently residing abroad and one for Italian, EU citizens and non-EU citizens living in Italy).

The list for the first call will be published by 30 April 2024, the lists for the second call by 30 June 2024.

Short list Data Science for Italian, EU citizens and non-EU citizens living in Italy

Short list Data Science for non EU citizens residing abroad


Suitable candidates who have passed the selection procedure will have pay an Enrollment confirmation fee of €100.00 (one hundred euro) within the date published in the shortlist to confirm their acceptance of the place. This payment will not be reimbursed in any case

Selected applicants who fail to confirm the place  will be automatically excluded from the Master's degree programme. Selected applicants who decline a place in the Master's degree programme are strongly invited to communicate their decision immediately upon results day via email to datascience [at]

Pre-enrollment procedures at the Italian Embassy for non-EU applicants

Non-EU citizens living abroad who apply and pay the Enrollment confirmation fee must pre-enroll at the Italian diplomatic representative in their own country. The pre-enrolment must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the "Italian Government regulations for the enrollment of Visa requesting students" document. Pre-enrolment is compulsory in order to obtain the Visa. All candidates are advised to read the procedures that must be followed at the webpage Non-Eu citizens living outside Italy.

Tuition fees for non EU citizens living abroad

Scholarship opportunities for non EU citizens living abroad