International opportunities for students

The Master's degree programme in Mathematics is a two-year full-time programme taught in English and includes a range of  four taught modules:

  • Advanced Mathematics (generally addressed to those students who want to take their professional development to a post-graduate level as they are progressively involved in a large spectrum of all branches of Mathematics)
  • Teaching and Scientific Communication (aimed at preparing for a career teaching mathematics and at improving the scientific communication)
  • Mathematics for Life Sciences
    - Modelling, Statistics and Analysis of Biosystems (introduces the different approaches involved in analyzing complex biological systems, including models of epidemic spread, those to identify prevention and vaccination strategies, and to expect an outbreak)
    - Modelling and Simulation for Biomedical Applications (provides a solid grounding in Mathematics, Numerical Computation, Physics, and Physiology, applied to medical, sanitary and pharmaceutical sectors)
  • Coding Theory and Cryptography (introduces the theoretical and practical aspects of Modern Cryptography and Error Correction Codes)