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Teaching activities include lectures, laboratory activities, and seminars. For further detailed information about the Master’s degree programme please check the corresponding prospectus (Manifesto degli studi) for the current academic year and for further details about each course units (course objectives, content, lecture materials etc.) please check the Course listing.

Cancer Biology track:

Biostatistics (12 credits) - Mandatory
Scientific Programming (12 credits) - Mandatory
Genomics (12 credits) - Mandatory
Biotechnology Engineering (12 credits) - Mandatory
English B2 (3 credits) - Mandatory
Molecular Physics (12 credits)
Bioinformatics (12 credits)
Biological Networks and Data Analysis  (12 credits)
Computational Biophysics  (12 credits)
Data Mining  (12 credits)
Mathematical modeling  (12 credits)
Biotechnology Management and Regulations  (12 credits)

Computational track:
Molecular Biology of the Cell  (12 credits) - Mandatory
Chemistry and Biochemistry  (12 credits) - Mandatory
Biological Networks and Data Analysis  (12 credits) - Mandatory
Mathematical Modeling  (12 credits) - Mandatory
English B2 (3 credits) - Mandatory
Molecular Physics (12 credits)
Bioinformatics (12 credits)
Computational Biophysics (12 credits)
Data Mining  (12 credits)
Biotechnology Management and Regulations  (12 credits)

Physical track:
Molecular Biology of the Cell  (12 credits) - Mandatory
Analytical Chemestry and Biochemestry (6 credits) - Mandatory
Algorithms and data Structures (6 credits) - Mandatory
Genetic and Metabolic Engineering  (6 credits) - Mandatory
Machine Learning  (6 credits) - Mandatory
Computatonal Biophysics  (12 credits) - Mandatory
English B2 (3 credits) - Mandatory
Programmimng  (6 credits) 
Bioinformatics  (12 credits)
Biological Networks and Data (12 credits) 
Theoretical Methods for Soft Matter (12 credits) 
Laboratory of Biological data Mining (6 credits) 
Mathematical Modeling (12 credits) 
Biotechnology Management and regulations (12 credits) 

Other credits (second year):
Elective courses (12 credits)
Stage/Internship (6 credits)
Final thesis (15 credits)

For the list of elective courses please check the prospectus for the QCB programme (Manifesto degli studi).

Complete Programme 120 CFU or ECTS.


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