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Alert: update Esse3 System Monday, 25 February 2019 from 02.30 p.m. onward

The call for EU citizens and non EU citizens living in Italy will be published in February 2019.

To be admitted to the Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Biology, it is necessary:

  1. to have a first-level university degree, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as valid, belonging to the following classes of related disciplines and D.M. 270/04 (in brackets indicates the class corresponding to the Ministerial Decree 509/99):
    - Biotechnology ─ L-2 (1)
    - Information Engineering ─ L-8 (9)
    - Life Sciences ─ L-13 (12)
    - Science and agro-food technologies ─ L-26 (20)
    - Sciences and chemical technologies ─ L-27 (21)
    - Sciences and pharmaceutical technologies ─ L-29 (24)
    - Physical Sciences and Technology ─ L-30 (25)
    - Information Sciences and Technology - L-31 (26)
    - Mathematical Sciences L-35 (32)
    Applicants who have not yet graduated within the application deadline are required to provide a certificate of enrollment which includes the expected graduation date. Once selected, those applicants need to submit a copy of the degree certificate not later than June 30, 2019 (for non-EU students) and October 31, 2019 (for EU students) in order to be admitted to the Master’s degree programme;
  2. to have obtained at least 6 CFU (1 CFU corresponds to 8 hours of lesson, computational laboratory or tutorial plus 17 hours of individual study) in the sectors BIO/* or CHIM/*, 6 CFU in MAT/*, 6 CFU in FIS/*, 6 CFU in INF/01 or ING-INF/05 during the first-level degree. The Selection Commitee will consider as valid either credits obtained in other sectors if the exam's content respects the Didactic Regulation of the Master. Please check this link for additional information on academic disciplines; study plan of  non EU applicants will have to include courses that prove a good knowledge in computer science, mathematicas, physics, biology and chemestry. 
  3. have a minimum intermediate level of English (Level B1), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), proved by one of the English language certifications (please check CLA website) or registered in the study plan of the bachelor programme.

    Applicants who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree awarded by any internationally recognized university whose official teaching language is English have to submit a written statement issued by their university stating that English is the official teaching language.

    Citizens from an English-speaking country and/or who have graduated in an English-speaking country do not have to submit any English language certificates, but only a self-declaration of their status.

    EU citizens and non EU citizens living in Italy, who have not yet the required level of English within the application deadline, are asked to provide a self-declaration stating the expected date in which they will achieve the required level of English (B1), and to submit a copy of the corresponding English language certificate before the enrollment in order to be admitted to the Master’s degree programme.

Note: In the Italian University credit system, one CFU - University Credits equals one ECTS credit and represents the workload of a student during educational activities aimed at passing the exams. One credit (CFU) usually corresponds to 25 hours of work, including lessons, exercises, etc., as well as home study.

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