International opportunities for students
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The necessary academic requirements to enter the Master are:

a) holding a degree title obtained in Italy according to law "DM 270/04" classes L-7, and L-9 or a degree title obtained according to law "DM 509/99" classes 8 and 10 or equivalent
holding a degree title in the broad classes of Industrial Engineering or Civil and Environmental Engineering or closely related scientific disciplines obtained abroad.

b) having some documented background in  the specific scientific areas listed in the in the following scientific areas. See table "Minimum requirements" in the download box for more details:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Electrotechnics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Materials Science
  • Technologies and production systems
  • Mechanics of structures
  • Fluid machines

c) candidates holding a degree obtained in Italy that, despite meeting the curricular requirements, have achieved a grade point average in the exams for obtaining the degree title (excluding the final exam) lower than 22/30, are excluded from the selection; for candidates holding a degree obtained in Italy, the grade "30/30 e lode" (thirty with honours) will be computed as 31/30 (thirty-one / thirty) towards the calculation of the overall average

d) having some documented background of second-level degree studies. Only in the case where the selection committee recognises at least 24 ECTS from a previous second-level career is the candidate considered eligible for admission to the second year.

NB: candidates who do not meet the requirements for admission to the second year may apply for admission to the first year.

The evaluation of the curricular requirements is made by the Selection Committee which will assess the equivalence between the contents of the courses attended in previous careers and the subject areas listed in the master's degree regulation.

Language requirements

To access the MSc program, students must certify English language skills at level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference) and Italian or German at level A1.

Language proficiency can be proved as follows:
a) holding secondary school leaving qualifications (A-levels, Abitur, Maturità , etc) where the main teaching language of the final year was in one of the official teaching languages of the master's degree (evaluated as level C1). If these qualifications were obtained in one of the trilingual secondary schools in the Ladin valleys of South Tyrol (Italy), they will be accepted as proving proficiency in both German and Italian (evaluated as level B2);

b) holding an undergraduate or postgraduate degree if awarded in one of the three teaching languages of the master's degree (evaluated as level C1);

c) submitting a language certification (among those listed in the "Download" box) within the date of enrolment;

d) having passed a language examination at the level required during the previous university career;

e) only for EU candidates and non-EU candidates living in Italy at the moment of application, having passed a language test organised by the Language Centres of the University of Trento or Bolzano (CLA) within the deadline for application (to enrol see "How to prove language proficiency" page)