International opportunities for students

The teaching methodology at MAIN bases on the long term experience of both the Department of Economics and Management of Trento and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa in providing sound competencies in the area of management at graduate level.

MAIN is based on a mixture of teaching methods, which is believed to be the best balance to merge a thorough understanding of theoretical issues with the ability to apply them in real-life situations.

Students are often divided into discussion groups where they are confronted with different business scenarios and asked to solve problems in an effective way. This approach fosters a fruitful cooperative learning.

Students get used to time-pressure situations, and through factual learning and a stimulating internship experience they are provided with a solid platform to make the best possible decision.

Intensive courses are organized at the beginning of the program as preparatory classes since MAIN students have often different backgrounds. Intensive courses are designed to reinforce basic concepts in the fields of management, economics and law. This helps students to start the program with greater confidence and comprehension.

MAIN students are also stimulated to participate in the Business Labs (e.g. Start-Up Lab, Contamination Lab) together with students from other areas (Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Sciences, Biotechnology, etc.). The MAIN winners of the yearly business contest "Start-up Lab" will participate in the prestigious "Virginia Tech Global Challenge" organized at Virginia Tech, Virginia (USA). That's a great opportunity to strengthen students entrepreneurial spirit and compete with peers around the world.