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Study Plan

FIRST YEAR (in Trento)

Crash Courses

Crash courses are designed to refresh knowledge in crucial areas and thereby give you the chance to start the Master with greater confidence. Crash courses are also very useful to refresh your English language if you are not used to study and communicate in English on a regular basis:

Compulsory courses  

Winter semester

Spring semester

Suggested course offered during the Spring semester: Academic Skills for Economics

One compulsory course to be chosen among:

Electives offered in Trento 

At least 16 ECTS of electives before graduating, however distributed (first or second year). 

Winter semester

Spring semester


SECOND YEAR (in Pisa) 

Compulsory courses

One compulsory course (6 ECTS) to be chosen between

Electives offered in Pisa

*If not already taken as compulsory.

Internship and Master Thesis


Slight changes may apply.