International opportunities for students
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Which courses?

You can apply to the Double Degree Programme with UniTrento for the following Bachelor's degree course:
Gestione Aziendale (Business Management)

Who can apply?

You can apply to the Double Degree Programme (DDP) with UniTrento if you:
- hold a high school diploma
- are enrolled in the 4-year Bachelor's degree program in Administraciòn de Empresas at UDE before starting the DDP in Trento
- have an Italian language certification 
- pass the selection process (see below)

How long is the mobility?

The mobility lasts 3 semesters.

Selection process

Students' selection consists of:
1. a written admission exam taking place every year in October in Montevideo-Uruguay (the exact location is specified yearly upon agreement between the two parties and an application fee may apply). 
Students have to register within the deadline set by UniTrento to the admission exam through the online application tool 
The admission exam, in Italian language, will assess basic mathematical knowledge and basic science, and will include questions about logic and reasoning
2. an online interview in Italian language (if the written exam is passed) with an UniTrento academic board which will assess the candidates on the basis of their motivation and CV.
UniTrento will inform UDE about the final acceptance of the nominated students.
Accepted students will have to confirm their interest in studying at UniTrento. They will be supported by UniTrento with regard to the visa procedures to obtain the visa in due time to begin the Bachelor in Trento by the end of August.

Before the mobility to UniTrento, students will send the following documentation to Trento:
- certificate of enrollment at UDE;
- certification of Italian language at level B2. This has to be acquired before the mobility to Trento takes place

Mobility scheme

Accepted students will:
- spend the 1st semester (January - July) at UDE
- move to UniTrento by the end of August, where they will spend one year and a half (3 semesters).
Once completed the coursework requirements set by UniTrento, UDE will credit the courses taken at UniTrento (see the Study plan available in the downloads). 
Students will also need to complete the coursework requirements and thesis-writing requirements set by UDE by attending 4 more semesters at UDE after the mobility to Trento. 

In which language?

  • Courses are in Italian.

How does the conversion of grades take place?

The conversion takes place on the basis of the conversion table available in the downloads.


  • the final thesis shall be written and defended at UDE
  • it shall be carried out according to the degree course regulations of both universities
  • the thesis Committee preferably includes a member from the partner Institution

Tuition fees 

Each student will pay to UniTrento tuition fees at a reduced rate agreed upon by UDE and UniTrento equal to 2,000 euros per semester (total of 6,000 euros for one year and a half) to UniTrento in order to be regularly enrolled,  plus 3 revenue stamps of 16 euros each.
Students participating in this DDP cannot apply for Opera Universitaria grants.

Educational qualification

At the end of the double degree course, students obtain two separate first cycle degree diplomas:
  • Laurea in Gestione Aziendale from UniTrento
  • Licenciatura in Administraciòn de Empresas UDE