International opportunities for students

UniTrento School of Innovation (SoI) 

Even if you are not physically at UniTrento, during your virtual mobility you will be able to improve your soft skills!
UniTrento School of Innovation (SoI) offers a set of highly-appreciated multidisciplinary and innovation-focused extra-curricular activities to a number of selected students. You will have the chance to challenge your knowledge and skills in specific areas of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (i.e. business models, marketing, business strategy, brand development, multicultural negotiation, international alliances, intellectual property, etc.), by working in team in a dynamic context.

Online applications to SoI are due from mid-July until 1st October (admission results notified in the first decade of October). 
You can include the courses you are interested in your Learning Agreement, under the condition of being accepted.

If you collect at least 12 ECTS from SoI offer, you will be awarded a final Innovation Certificate! 
Upon completion of the Programme, the chances of SoI Alumni to be hired by start-ups, SMEs or large companies gorw exponentially, due to their acquired knowledge on how to come up with a novel idea, protect tehir patents, develop a sustainable action plan and find ways of financing it.

For more details on SoI training offer, the call for selection, requirements and application process, see the section Useful Links.
A summary of what SoI is in the document in the downloads.

Other webinars 

UniTrento also offers short asynchronous webinars (Useful links section) with free access and no credits, on:
  • Academic writing
  • CV and cover letter
  • Basic Italian - Trento da Vivere