International opportunities for students

The research policy at UniTrento is built on few simple principles.
The first is the recruitment of highly-skilled, proactive, enthusiastic young researchers who form the basis of our ability to direct our areas of research toward new and pertinent fields.
We then help our researchers in developing networks with colleagues, by organizing special programs, meetings and conferences, aimed at the establishment and consolidation of research networks, which are essential for keeping up to date with, and applying for, multicenter grants.
Lastly, we carefully maintain, and continuously redesign an infrastructure for research support which goes from the "project engineering" phase to the financial report-writing. Indeed, the whole process for obtaining grants to cover projects is increasingly complex and competitive.

In addition to this, Trentino - a small region - is a genuine large-scale "living lab", where the public sector plays an important role as driving force for innovation and research; key members of the business world collaborate in order to develop innovative ideas and, then, the triangle of knowledge is further enhanced by the direct involvement of the end-users.
As a result, UniTrento is the leading University in Italy for research quality among the medium-sized universities (as stated by the National Agency for Research Evaluation, ANVUR, 2004-2010 period) and, according to the Times Higher Education survey, 2013, it is ranked first among Italian universities.

Scientific researchis conducted in a variety of fields mainly by 14 departments and centres and by several other research centres and laboratories. The departments promote and co-ordinate research projects carried out by its members often in cooperation with national and international research and industrial partners. In its various departments, the University of Trento supports and encourages studying activities in areas that spread from social sciences to computer technology, from juridical sciences to new technologies, from humanistic subjects to economics.

The departments present at the University of Trento are: