International opportunities for students

How to become an Italian

A humorous and insightful workshop (in 5 asynchronous videos) held by
Dominic Stewart, Professor of English Language and Linguistics, which not only touches upon the most common stereotypes people have towards Italians but also recounts absurd cross-cultural stories.

List of the videos that you can find at the bottom of this page on the left:

  1. Eating
  2. Bars and hotels
  3. Etiquette
  4. When in Turin part 1 and 2


“Italy for beginners". An introduction to Italian Culture

20 short videos (asynchronous) on different aspects of Italian culture, history and society to get familiar with Italy and Italians!
You can watch some of the videos separately, according to your interest and curiosity. Available 2 videos per week starting from mid October.
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Virtual visits to other Italian towns - ESN

The Erasmus generation is always on the move, despite the COVID-19! Are you ready to get out your comfort zone without even have to worry about those trains you always miss! Give yourself the chance to try something new and have some fun together with ESN! Join ESN in a zoom meeting and follow their guide through the (Google) Streets(view) of Italy. You will discover new places and meet new friends!
On ESN social media  you will find what you need for a virtual sightseeing. 
Past initiatives: 1st appointment: September 17th, 9:00 PM. For more info: click here