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International opportunities for students

Departments and centres

11 Departments

Courses offered in the academic year 2018/2019

27 Undergraduate degree courses and five-year degree courses
37 Master’s degree courses
5 Master’s courses
1 Specialization school
5 Professional Development Courses
15 Doctoral courses - 34th cycle

The Academic Community


Students enrolled in the academic year 2018/2019, of which:

9.248 in undergraduate degree courses
3.895 in master’s degree courses
3.317 in five-year master’s degree courses
   128 in degree courses offered under laws previously in force

3.277 First-year students in undergraduate degree and five-year degree courses [Data updated to 31.01.2019]
1.592 First-year students in Master’s degrees [Data updated to 31.01.2019]
62.140 Graduates from 1962 to 2018
607 Doctoral students 
101 Students in First and Second level Master’s courses 
62 Students enrolled in the Specialization school for legal professionals

Professors and researchers [Data updated to 31.12.2018], of which:

195 full professors
286 associate professors
  40 researchers
  38 research associates (RTD-A)
  78 assistant professors (RTD-B)

42 Visiting professors and highly qualified experts [Data updated to 31.12.2018]
692 Administrative and technical staff [Data updated to 31.12.2018]
36 Language experts [Data updated to 31.12.2018]
310 Research fellows [Data updated to 31.12.2018]

Source: Ufficio Studi - Last updated on 15.04.2019