International opportunities for students


Trentino offers the ideal natural framework for sport-lovers who enjoy to exercise in the great outdoors: mountaineering, walking on a network of paths and - for those who prefer less strenuous activities - Nordic walking. The larger lakes are ideal for water sport activities, such as sailing or windsurfing while the swift rivers form the natural routes for rafting and canyoning. And when winter comes, the skiing season opens: a combination of breath-taking views and comfortable, ultra-modern ski-lifts that cover 800 km of pistes. There is downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ski touring, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, and just about anything else you can do with snow and on snow! Sport activities are also much loved in Trento and the University contributes to their enhancement with ad-hoc programmes supporting the integration of sports and academic careers.

The University offers tailor- made activities for students who subscribe to UniTrentoSport. This programme considers sports a key factor for socialisation and good health, and also a contributory element to learning and developing research activities.
The membership card gives students the chance to access sport facilities of the Opera Universitaria and especially at the San Bartolameo students' residence (which include two gyms with a wide fitness area, two squash courts, five-player football pitch, a volleyball and a basketball court on synthetic grass, a badminton court), a boat center on the lake of Caldonazzo, a tennis center and a gliding center.
The card also grants several discounts thanks to special agreements with gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, skiing facilities all over the provincial territory and the opportunity to take part in courses, events, tournaments, organized by UNI.Sport/CUS as well as a CUS Trento card with insurance coverage.
Students are encouraged to take part in various courses, events and tournaments, all of which involve different kinds of sports. These activities foster the integration of students in various associations, thus involving them in the social life of the city and of the entire province.
The "Facoltiadi", a multi-sports competition between the various Departments and Centres in which both students and professors take part, is one of the events promoted by CUS each year.

Trento is a treasure-trove of arts, history, culture and traditions, represented by two key cities: Trento and Rovereto. Trento is the City of the Council of Trent that preserves and protects the historical meeting point between Italian and Mitteleuropean culture within its monuments and arts. Rovereto is the city of the MART - the Museum of modern and contemporary art - which plays host to internationally renowned events and exhibitions.
The University is located in both cities from which it draws inspiration and to which it gives back added value in the form of knowledge transfer.
The interrelation between nature and culture is marked by the annual Film festival devoted to the mountain Trento Film Festival.