International opportunities for students
T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's Friday) - 4.30 PM

What is it?

After a hard working week you cannot miss the appointment with Mattia every Friday at 4.30 pm (Italian time).
You will have the chance to explore with him a different theme each time while sipping a tea, a coffee or an aperitif, according to your tastes and jet lag! The exchange of ideas, experiences and cultures will draw an ideal world map where each of you is an essential member who makes our University unique. Registration for each aperitif is needed by selecting from time to time the aperitif you want to attend.Once registered you will receive an automatic mail with Meeting ID and Passcode.
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Next meetings: December

04.12 - Friday reading recommendations
In this meeting we will talk about reading and some of our favourite writers, poets or cartoonist.
You will have the chance to talk about your favourite author and what you love about him/her. You can provide us an extract so that we can enter the mood. We will exchange tips for a good reading for all eyes and tastes!

11.12 - It's your turn to choose the theme! 
We will ask you to suggest a theme of discussion.

Past meetings:

04.09 - Ice breaking: “A quarantine diary”
The lockdown, a though experience for all of us. We will try to use a positive approach.
What did it help you going thorugh it?
We will compare our lockdown experiences (new abilities developed, funny and critical moments) and make some reflextions together… 

11.09 - University hard life (Students are Weird) 
After a short introduction on the Italian University life, you will be invited to talk about your experience at the university: preparing and giving exams, strange pre-exams rituals and habits, life on campus awkward/happy/difficult moments…and much other to play down our though life as students

18.09 - “Italian food” doesn’t exist. Mamma mia!
Feel like preparing a supreme Italian Pastasciutta for one of your friends/family member/partner and, after that, be loved even more?
Top easy tips and tricks will be unveiled just to you to prepare a perfect one!
We will also talk about great regional diversity of some Italian recipes. 
Short and funny videos with English subtitles will be shown.
Please share with us an easy and quick typical food of your country/family…

25.09 - Festivities and habits
Italy is one but regional traditions are several and different. We will delve into local festivities of all around Italy and talk about how the pandemic changed the way we enjoy them with our family and friends. We will also talk about how studying abroad changed the way some of us spend their holidays.
Tell us about one festivity you like and describe how you celebrate it in your family! We are interested in the present but also in your childhood memories…

02.10 - Too many cooks spoil the broth: proverbs and idioms from around the world 
Our ancestor’s wisdom through some Italian proverbs and our origins through idioms.
Meaning and origins of some proverbs and idioms. Regional similarities and differences.
Influences that non-Italian countries had on our dialects.
You will be invited to illustrate one idiom/proverb in original language and explain it in English

09.10 - Street Food Cookery
Eating out in Italy is becoming more and more popular. We will look into different approaches to street food in Italy, with a focus on Trentino region, and Southern Italy.
What about you and your country (do you have a street food tradition? Most popular street food, most «unusual» one?). Pictures and recipes are welcome!

16.10 - Italian Hand Gestures for Dummies - during #ERASMUSDAYS
Italians are known worldwide for their hands gestures (not always polite), mouth sounds, and body language. Do you use any hand gestures or face expressions/sounds to communicate? 
Switch on your video camera and challenge yourself with the Italian hand quiz show !

23.10 - Tech, internet and privacy during the quarantine
How did tech improve our quarantine? Social distancing apps, do people use them? We will talk about privacy, geo-localization, the importance of anonymity and the evergoing evolution of its concept. PDF (measuring perceived anonymity) and behaviours in Italy and your country, do you believe in anonymity? What is it?

30.10 - “Sport and E-sport” Let’s talk about that
We will discuss about sports, not necessarily from a physical and performative point of view but also as a viewer. Sports that you practiced in the past and present sports. We will also talk about unusual sports, E-sports, and board games.

06.11 - “Life’s a Comedy”
Talking about theatre as a precious chance to force the boundaries of the comfort zone and to improve communication skills and self-confidence. A short overview on what’s going on in Italian cinemas and theatres. Theatre experience at UniTrento.
At the end of the meeting we will talk about “Method acting” and make some acting exercises and games!

13.11 - Italian Hand Gestures for Dummies
Italians are known worldwide for their hands gestures (not always polite), mouth sounds, and body language. Do you use any hand gestures or face expressions/sounds to communicate? 
Switch on your video camera and challenge yourself with the Italian hand quiz show !

20.11 - The Grand Tour of Italy 
Must-visit places in Italy, must-visit places in your country, share with us some pictures or a virtual tour. Cities Quiz!

27.11 - “Thanks. But no thanks” 
In this meeting we will talk about presents, the etymology of the word present/regalo, the habit of gift giving. Your present for us will be that of describing (or showing) the worst/strangest present you have ever received in your life. And the most genious present you have given and you would like to receive.