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International opportunities for students

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Seasonal holidays: International Mobility Office/Staff closing period
Please note that the International Mobility Office will be closed to the public for Christmas holidays from the 24th December 2018 to the 6th January 2019.

Ready stay permit?
Check on the Questura's web site - http://questure.poliziadistato.it/stranieri/?mime=1&lang=english if your stay permit is ready by entering the number (“numero pratica”) you will find on the receipt given you by the Questura at the appointment.

If you bought the Italian National Health System insurance for 2019 for the 1st time (by paying 149.77 euros), remember that it must be activated in January 2019 at the Local Health Board in Trento or in Rovereto, according to where you live.

Please be informed that there might be long queues at the Trento office until the end of January.

If you just have to renew your NHS activation, you can go already to the Local Health Boards with no need to wait until January.

In either case, you have to submit:

  • original of the payment receipt;

  • certificate of enrolment to the University of Trento;

  • original of the receipt issued by the Post Office at the moment of the application of the stay permit (or stay permit, if you already have it);

  • valid passport;

  • filled in application form available at the Local Health Board, at the International Mobility Office or here http://international.unitn.it/incoming/health-insurance-non-eu-citizens in the download box.

Please note that the receipt of payment is not enough to prove to the hospital that you are insured. A valid declaration – in Italian “attestato” - from the Local Health Board is compulsory to receive medical treatment.

Sufficient certified financial means  necessary for conversion student permit into a "searching for a job”
If you have an Italian bachelor-laurea triennale, master’s degree course-laurea magistrale, PhD, Master II level, you can convert your student permit into a "searching for a job" 12 months permit (permesso per "attesa occupazione") provided that you have sufficient certified financial means.

Stay permit renewal session for students of Science and Technology Area in Povo
International Mobility Office of Science and Technology Area in Povo will support in stay permit renewal  every Friday only upon appointment. Please be aware that we support you only in filling out the form and not at your appointment at Immigration Office. If you want to book your appointment for support please complete the request through: https://stay_permit_renewal_2018_science_technology_area.eventbrite.it

Housing delivery declaration - "cessione di fabbricato"
We remind all Non-European students who are staying in private accommodations that:
if they are hosting a Non-European citizen for more than 2 days, they should report it within 48 hours to the local Police Station by filling in the Housing Delivery Declaration form (in Italian "Cessione d fabbricato");
if they are hosted by someone else, they should remind the host to report their presence within 48 hours to the local Police Station. The host should submit the Housing Delivery Declaration form (in Italian "Cessione d fabbricato").
The form is also available on this UniTrento webpage. Failing to do the above might cause to get fined for the guest.

International mobility programmes – ongoing calls
The following calls for international mobility in 2018/19 are now open and available at the link: http://international.unitn.it/outgoing/open-selection-calls

Scholarships for doctoral research abroad
The University of Trento offers to its PhD students a new funded opportunity of international mobility for a three-month research period abroad. Further information is available at: http://international.unitn.it/outgoing/opportunities-of-international-mobility-for-doctoral-research-abroad



Events organised by UniTrento (https://webmagazine.unitn.it/calendario/ateneo/month/2018-11)

Refer to the event calendar on the university website for events organised by the university – including organised tours of the city, seminars in various fields of study and more.

Trento Christmas Market (Mercatino di Natale)

The typical Christmas Market will be open in Piazza Fiera and Piazza Battisti from 24th November 2018 through 6th January 2019. For more information: http://www.mercatinodinatale.tn.it/

Rovereto Christmas Market (Mercatino di Natale)
The typical Christmas Market will be open in Via Tartarotti, Piazza Erbe, Piazza Malfatti, Piazza Chiesa from 24th November through 24th December. For more information: https://www.visitrovereto.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Programma-FestivalNatale.pdf


Every Thursday from 17:00 to 18:00 you can practice your English speaking skills while meeting new people and enjoying a coffee and some snacks. Check the Facebook page or the website out for more details.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/englishlinktrento

Website: http://englishlinktrento.com/caffe-and-conovos/

Suoni Universitari Contest

This contest between bands and solo artists involved with the University will reach its final stages in December: the last Challenge night will be on 3rd December, whilst the Final and the Closing nights will be on 5th and 12th December respectively. All nights will be held at Teatro Sanbapolis and will include guests from the Italian musical scene. For details, head to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2474699109237269/

TEDx Trento

On 1st December from 8:30 to 17:30 the 6th edition of TEDx Trento “Hic sunt leones - beyond the unknown, beyond the known, beyond the conventionalwill take place. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events. TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussions and connections in a small group.

Website: http://tedxtrento.com

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/biglietti-tedx-trento-2018-hic-sunt-leones-51226195931  


Sports and physical activity


Consult the University Chapter of the Trento Alpine Club (SUSAT) for information about excursions: http://www.susat.it/ 

NOTE: You MUST have proper hiking boots and clothing before joining the excursions!

WIRUN Trento
To mark the international day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25th November a
non-competitive 5km run will be held, starting from Piazza delle Donne Lavoratrici (Parco delle Albere). The event is open to anyone and many associations operating for this cause will be attending. To enter the run or just to have more details, email wirunitaly.trento [at] gmail.com or visit the Facebook page WIRun Trento.


Trentino culture and history

Museums in Trento
At the following link (available only in Italian) http://www.comune.trento.it/Aree-tematiche/Turismo/Visitare/Musei you will find the list of the museums in Trento and surroundings, with information about opening time and official webpage.

Visual arts


“La Bella Addormentata” Ballet

The Saint Petersburg Ballet will perform “La Bella Addormentata” (“Sleeping Beauty”), one of the best ballets to be composed in Imperial Russia, at Teatro Auditorium in Trento on 1st December at 17:00. Tickets are available online[1] up to 15:00 of the same day or directly at the venue. Refer to the following links for more information.


[1]: https://www.primiallaprima.it/it/event/la-bella-addormentata-balletto-di-san-pietroburgo-teatro-auditorium-trento/252650

I trentini nella Guerra europea 1914-1920
Until December 2018, this free-entry exhibition at Gallerie di Piedicastello aims to portray the struggle of soldiers from the Trentino region throughout Europe during the World War I, the celebrations for whose One-Hundred-Years anniversary are ongoing. Further details at: http://www.comune.trento.it/Aree-tematiche/Turismo/Info-utili/In-evidenza/Mostre-e-offerte-permanenti/I-Trentini-nella-guerra-europea-1914-1920 

L'ultimo anno. 1917-1918
From November 2017 until November 2018, this free-entry exhibition at Gallerie di Piedicastello aims to portray the struggle of people during the last year of the Great War. Further details at: http://fondazione.museostorico.it/index.php/Il-Museo/Le-Gallerie/L-ultimo-anno-1917-1918