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International opportunities for students

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Italy for Beginners. An Introduction to Italian Culture (6 ECTS)
All exchange and degree-seeking international students are warmly invited to attend this course to get acquainted with Italy under different perspectives: from history and traditions to geography, from literature and art to cinema.
Participants will also explore some crucial issues such as: Italian identity and the most common stereotypes, the role of the Catholic religion, television and media, the reasons of the resounding success that the “made in Italy” achieves abroad (e.g. fashion, football, etc.).
The seminars will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Department of Humanities (Via Tomaso Gar 14), room 114 - first floor.

Housing delivery declaration - "cessione di fabbricato"
We remind all Non-European students who are staying in private accommodations that:
if they are hosting a Non-European citizen for more than 2 days, they should report it within 48 hours to the local Police Station by filling in the Housing Delivery Declaration form (in Italian "Cessione d fabbricato");
if they are hosted by someone else, they should remind the host to report their presence within 48 hours to the local Police Station. The host should submit the Housing Delivery Declaration form (in Italian "Cessione d fabbricato").
The form is also available on this UniTrento webpage. Failing to do the above might cause to get fined for the guest.

International mobility programmes – ongoing calls
The following calls for international mobility in 2018/19 are now open and available at the link: http://international.unitn.it/outgoing/open-selection-calls

Stay permit issuing time in Trento
Be informed that after the stay permit application postage, it will take 9 months before receiving your new stay permit.

Scholarships for doctoral research abroad
The University of Trento offers to its PhD students a new funded opportunity of international mobility for a three-month research period abroad. Further information is available at: http://international.unitn.it/outgoing/opportunities-of-international-mobility-for-doctoral-research-abroad


Trento Summer festival
Sunday 2nd September 2018, from 21:00 to 23:00 (Piazza Duomo) – There will be a Classical music concert.  http://www.trentogiovani.it/index.php/index.php/index.php/index.php/musica/concerti/5a-edizione-trento-summer-festival--ezio-bosso-

Notte dei ricercatori
th September from 17:00 – At the Muse Museum of Trento the researchers of the University of Trento tell their research and the most fascinating aspects of their work - https://event.unitn.it/nottedeiricercatori2018

Italian language courses
Every Tuesday and Wednesday , from 19:00 to 20:30 at the park of “Piazza Cappuccini”, people can attend Italian language lessons -

2018 Crash Course on Research Funding, Intellectual Property and Start up Creation

Sports and physical activity

Soft Rafting 
Every Tuesday, under reservation, people can practice this activity on the River Adige -  

Consult the University Chapter of the Trento Alpine Club (SUSAT) for information about excursions: http://www.susat.it/ 
NOTE: You MUST have proper hiking boots and clothing before joining the excursions!

Trentino culture and history

Museums in Trento
At the following link (available only in Italian) http://www.comune.trento.it/Aree-tematiche/Turismo/Visitare/Musei you will find the list of the museums in Trento and surroundings, with information about opening time and official webpage.

Visual arts

I trentini nella Guerra europea 1914-1920
Until December 2018, this free-entry exhibition at Gallerie di Piedicastello aims to portray the struggle of soldiers from the Trentino region throughout Europe during the World War I, the celebrations for whose One-Hundred-Years anniversary are ongoing. Further details at: http://www.comune.trento.it/Aree-tematiche/Turismo/Info-utili/In-evidenza/Mostre-e-offerte-permanenti/I-Trentini-nella-guerra-europea-1914-1920 

L'ultimo anno. 1917-1918
From November 2017 until November 2018, this free-entry exhibition at Gallerie di Piedicastello aims to portray the struggle of people during the last year of the Great War. Further details at: http://fondazione.museostorico.it/index.php/Il-Museo/Le-Gallerie/L-ultimo-anno-1917-1918