International opportunities for students

Trento and its region offer a wide range of cultural events at any time of the year such as: exhibitions, cultural meetings inside the several prestigious museums, festivals, musical and theatre seasons, and many chances to taste local wines and typical food. The different services thought for the citizens make Trento one of the cities in which it is most pleasant to live, if compared to other Italian cities.

If you are keen on sports, you have a very wide range of possibilities to choose among: mountain climbing, trekking, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, horse-riding, skiing, ice skating, speleology, fishing, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, etc.

Festival of Economics
The festival of Economics was born in 2006 to let economists and big public meet.

International mountain Filmfestival
It is a competition between international films about mountains. The cinema review is supported by retrospectives on alpine subjects, international mountain climbing days, exhibitions and show-rooms with antiquities, books, stamp collections and pictures about mountains.

Feste vigiliane
This event, echoing the mediaeval and renaissance traditions in Trento at Council time, takes place in the week of June 26th, day of the local patron: San Vigilio.

Christmas market
This open air market of Alpine and Central European tradition is a striking event during the Christmas festivities.

Opera Universitaria's Centro Polifunzionale
The centre promotes cultural initiatives during the whole academic year and offers the spaces needed  for the programmes proposed by the students' associations. It consists of a conference room (from 90 to 100 seats with a stage), of a smaller room (from 30 to 40 seats) and of an exhibitions room.
It is also UNI.Sport's main office.

Centro Servizi Santa Chiara
This centre schedules theatrical, musical, cinematic and audiovisual performances and, more generally, cultural events.
Besides some showrooms and conference rooms, it consists of 4 main structures: the Teatro Sociale, the Teatro Auditorium, the Teatro Sperimentale and the Teatro San Marco.
Events are organized in different sections in order to satisfy a growing audience: the drama season, the opera season, dance and cinema for teenagers, Comedians, musicals, etc.