International opportunities for students


The University of Trento provides language courses for both Italian and foreign students, at different levels, taught by native speakers. Some courses aim at developing general language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), while others are more specific.

The courses are organized as follows divided into three kinds: extensive and evening courses, extensive blended courses, intensive courses.

The Language Center (CLA) offers courses for English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Italian as a foreign language.

The Italian courses for foreign students are programmed from September/October and are organized in three sessions: an intensive one during the month of September, and two extensive ones from October to February and from March to June.

At the beginning of all courses you have to pass a placement test.
Prices for people outside the University field: 400,00 euros per course.

  • If you are double degree students: you can participate in one free course per semester and in the course for legal Italian;
  • If you are exchange students or Erasmus Mundus degree seeking students : one Italian course per level at CLA is free.

For those of you who undersigned the ‘Integration agreement' with Questura and therefore are required to acquire a basic Italian knowledge - level A2, we advise you that you are entitled to attend all the following courses: A1a /A1b / A2a/ A2b free of charge". Please note that you can attend just one course per level free of charge; if you want to repeat the same level, you'll have to pay 50 Euros. It is compulsory to submit to CLA a copy of your Integration agreement. If you are interested please go directly to CLA and register during the enrolment dates.

For any information and registration procedures see the page "Course enrolment" or contact directly the CLA.
For further information about the language learning possibilities, please refer to the CLA website