International opportunities for students
Share a coffe/aperitif with us!

This section is dedicated to the reports of each past aperitif with you and the material you have shared with us.
The exchange of ideas, experiences and cultures will draw an ideal world map where each of you is an essential member who makes our University unique.

16th October: 
we did not talk that much this time: we rather waved and laughed, trying to interpret Mattia's gestures, mouth sounds and body language (typical from Sicily). Something you cannot avoid learning when you come to Italy! Participants shared their most common gestures and in some cases, the same gesture might have very different meanings in a different country or situation. So beware of the possible misunderstandings!

9th October: 
we talked about street food in Italy and in the world: history and social aspects. Some countries prefer meat, some others are focussed on vegetarian specialties, but the habit and the aims are the same everywhere: a quick and cheap way to have a break or to console oneself after a hard day's work. We shared some pictures of the most popular foods you can find around the corner of our towns. That was a pity that we were not able to share nor to smell them! :(

2nd October: 
we talked about proverbs and Idioms. We saw the difference between sayings, Idioms and quotes. Explored the meaning and origins of some of the most used proverbs in Italy and found similarities and differences between Italian and other country idioms and their use. We compared some popular Italian and regional proverbs with similar ones from other countries and tried to find the counterpart for some of them. And remember, if in Sicily you should “attaccare ‘u scieccu unni voli ‘u patruni”, “tie the donkey where its master wants”, in India “if you’re going to live by the river, you’ll have to make friends with the crocodile”.

25th September:
we talked about Festivities and Habits. Explored some local festivities and events from all around Italy starting from the “Feste Vigiliane” in Trento to the Carnival of Venice, the Siena Palio, the “Infiorata” of Noto and much more. We talked about the Día de los Muertos, its ancient origins and its importance not just as a holiday but as a precious cultural heritage. We talked about The Independence day of Bangladesh, an important national holiday in which Bengalis have parades, fairs, concerts and various public events celebrating the history and traditions of Bangladesh and honouring their Martyrs. We talked about the Bangla New Year and its colorful and rural cultural practices and delicacies such as the Doi Fuchka. Presentation and contributions in the uselful links section 

18th September:
we talked about food. We explored the history of Italian cuisine and talked about the regional differences of its recipes, with a particular focus on one of its staples, pasta! We gave a couple of tips and tricks to master pasta cooking and shared some easy last-minute recipes. Talked about Indian cuisine and its many staple dishes and we considered cooking as a symbol of our own heritage and roots. Watched some videos of Italian grandma’s making fun of Italo-American dishes.

11th September:
we talked about the typical lifestyle of a university student in Italy, China, India and much more. We talked about Trento, its student’s traditions, its university clubs and being a transfer student in Italy. We discussed studying habits and the benefits of joining study clubs, listening to Lo-fi music and white noises. We shared our most awkward moments in university and some of us shared their strange pre-exam good luck rituals and habits, others their professor’s strange ones. 

4th September:
we talked about our experiences during the lockdown...shared our most critical and sometimes fun moments in quarantine, exploring its various consequences on socialization, health care and our habits. Talked about our hobbies and how being quarantined gave us new opportunities to explore them, some of us started cooking, someone learned to play a new instrument and even began giving music lessons online! Watched some Youtube videos in which, to fight loneliness while locked down under national quarantine, neighbors across Italy played music together on their balconies and found connection in their improvised concerts amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Saw some pictures on the photo collection “the Quarantine Museum” (Useful links), an interesting project organized by the Tridentino Diocesano Museum and had the opportunity to “donate” some of our snapshots to it.
You are welcome to send your picture by using the Sample photo description in the Useful links!