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If you want to study in Italy you need to be covered by health insurance.
There are different types of health insurance policies according to the student's citizenship (EU or non-EU student).

Accident and third party liability policy insurance

The University of Trento provides you a general (and not medical) insurance coverage, only in the case of hospitalization due to accidents occurred during academic activities. It also provides coverage for injuries suffered by the students, for which the University is responsible. The insurance also covers damages that students may cause to other people, things or animals at the University of Trento. 

Please notice that this coverage is not enough for your stay in Trento. 

Health insurance

In order to both getting a visa and obtaining a valid stay permit in Italy you need to have a valid health insurance coverage that:

  • covers expenses in case of emergency treatment and urgent hospitalization;
  • guarantees your return to your own country in case of serious illness;
  • is in English or translated into Italian;
  • is valid in the Schengen Area.

You can choose among

  • A private health insurance bought in your home country which covers emergencies and which is for the whole period of your stay in Italy. If the insurance is in your mother tongue, please have it translated at least in English for the stay permit request. Some examples of private students health insurance policies can be found in the Download box.
  • Italian Health Insurance: you can enroll to the Italian National Health Service at the cost of 149.77 euros/calendar year - valid from January until December regardless of the month you pay.

If you choose to enroll to the National Health Service you will benefit from the same services of the Italian citizens.

PLEASE NOTE: if you had any incomes in Italy or abroad (different from scholarship or study grant) in the previous year to the one in which you enrolled to the National Health Service, the amount you will have to pay for the enrolment to the National Health Service must be calculated accordingly - ask to the Local Health Board directly.

How to activate the Italian Health Insurance

  1. Pay the postal bulletin of 149.77 euros at any post office. Bulletins are available both at the post office. Please remember to keep the receipt of the payment;
  2. Fill in the application form (available both at the Local Health Board or in the Download box of this webpage) following the sample form;
  3. Go to the Local Health Board in Trento in (Viale Verona- Block C) or Rovereto (Via S.Giovanni Bosco), if you live in Rovereto, along with your passport and submit the previous documents together with:
    - original of the receipt issued by the Post Office at the moment of the application of the stay permit (or stay permit, if you already have it);
    - certificate of enrolment to the University of Trento (for matriculated students printable from Esse3. For PhD students available at the Doctorate Office; for other categories, please ask the administrative referent);
    - copy of your Italian tax code (you will receive it once in Trento during your check-in).

IMPORTANT: the receipt of payment is not enough to prove to the family doctor or Hospital that you are insured. Remember to activate it because a valid declaration issued by the Local Health Board is compulsory in order to receive medical treatment.
Note that the Italian health insurance is valid in the Italian territory only. Should you plan to go abroad (including any European country) for study/research or personal reasons, make sure you buy a private health insurance for the entire period abroad.

IMPORTANT: on the paper you received from the Local Health Board is reported the expire date of the health insurance. If the expire date is not 31st December of the year you paid for, please remember that you have to go again to the Local Health Board with your valid Italian stay permit and they will extend your health insurance. If your health insurance expires after six months and you haven't received your stay permit during this period of time, you have to go again to the Local Health Board and they will extend your health insurance for three more months.


Opening times: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 8:00 am - 1:00 pm 

Is your home health insurance valid also in Italy?

If you live in one of these countries and there you are entitled to health insurance you can extend your coverage to Italy by submitting a form.

Once in Italy, this form must be submitted to the Local Health Board in Trento which will issue a confirmation of health coverage in Italy.

Attention: if the health service from your country does not entitle you to be covered also in Italy, ask the Health Organization of your home country to provide you with a paper stating this, so that you can enroll to the Italian National Health Service (see more information above).

If you do not have this declaration a self declaration will be accepted.

Do you have Italian double citizenship?

If you have double citizenship you can to enroll for free to the Italian Health Service provided that you transfer your permanent residence to Italy.

Then you must go to the Local Health Board in Trento with your Italian passport and the documents proving that you have applied for residence in Italy (for more details about this procedure see the following webpage which is only in Italian).

Are you going to stay in Italy with your family?

Your family members can be covered by the National Health Insurance.

  • If you already bought the Italian Health Insurance for your own coverage for 149.77 euros you can pay another bulletin of 237.57 euros. In the section "causale" of the bulletin write the following sentence: "versamento iscrizione volontaria al Servizio Sanitario Nazionale ad integrazione al pagamento di 149.77 euro di data xxx". The xxx must be replaced with the date in which you paid the bulletin of 149.77 euros.
  • If you have not bought the Italian Health Insurance you can pay directly a total amount of 387.34 euros that will cover both you and your family.

For the activation in both cases follow the same procedure described above.

Note: if your family members applied for a touristic visa and you have started the cohesion procedures once in Italy, the Italian National Insurance can be activated only after the expiry date of the touristic visa/declaration of presence. During the first 90 days they must be covered by a private health insurance bought in your home country.
If your family members applied for a visa for family reason and you started the reunion procedures the National Health Insurance will be valid immediately.


112 is the common emergency telephone number (free of charge) for emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police) valid for the European Union countries. The call centre will be available 24 hours a day with a simultaneous translation service in 14 languages.