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Trento's Main Attractions

Trento has a rich artistic and historical heritage, fruit of the dual influence of Germanic and Italian cultures, still evident today in the variety of architectural styles in its monuments and buildings. Just to mention a couple of them:

Buonconsiglio Castle, residence of the prince-bishops of Trento (from the 13th through the18th century), is composed of a series of buildings of different eras. The castle hosts an impressive picture-gallery (from the mid-15th century to the mid-19th century) and an archaeological section. Not to miss are:
  • the Cycle of the Months, in the "Torre Aquila", one of the most fascinating secular pictorial representations of life in the different social classes in the late Middle Ages;
  • the extensive collection of frescoes commissioned by the bishops to decorate the interior walls of the Castle (mainly in the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance period).
St. Vigilio's Cathedral, one of the seats of the Council of Trento (the Catholic Revival in response to the Protestant Reformation, from 1545 to 1563). Built in 1212 over a pre-existing 6th-century church devoted to Saint Vigilius (Italian: San Vigilio), patron saint of the city. 
Next to the Cathedral and embracing the central Duomo Square is the Pretorian Palace which hosts the Diocesan Museum. On the other side of the beautiful square you can admire houses decorated with frescoes on the right and the Neptune Fountain in the middle.
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Rovereto's Main Attractions

Rovereto is worth more than one visit for its Modern Art Museum (MART), the Italian War Museum and Depero House, one of the main artists of Futurism. The town hosts yearly dance and music festivals (e.g. Oriente-Occidente and Mozart's Festival).

If you are not able to visit the town in person, you can get a good idea of its main attractions from a distance watching the short videos in the Useful links section. Enjoy!

In the downloads you can have a look to some Hints for the weekend!