International opportunities for students


CIMEA and Diplome service

The University of Trento partners with CIMEA to issue ENIC-NARIC certificates.

CIMEA issues two kinds of statements:

  • statement of comparability that contains the information which is normally included in a declaration of value. The statement of comparability is to be submitted as an alternative to the declaration of value or the diploma supplement in European format. 
    PLEASE NOTE: The statement of comparability of qualifications relating to the  55 countries  of the Lisbon Convention can be downloaded directly and free of charge through  ARDI – Automatic Recognition Database Italia (see below). For these qualifications, only the statement of verification of the authenticity of the qualification service will be active;
  • statement of verification that certifies the release of a secondary school/academic qualification by the institution in charge.

The University of Trento can request the above-mentioned document in case verification of the authenticity of the international qualification is needed.

The statements' issue related costs have to be covered by the applicants. Under the agreement between the University of Trento and CIMEA, prices will be reduced.
Both statements are managed by CIMEA through Diplome platform, which employs blockchain technology to create personal "wallet" of qualifications. The qualifications registered in the personal "wallet" can be safely and easily shared with any institutions in the world.

The new CIMEA-DIPLOME service is integrated with the database ARDI-Automatic Recognition Database - Italy with regard to the academic qualifications and final secondary school qualifications obtained in one of the 55 countries that are signatories to the Lisbon Recognition Convention. ARDI  is a free tool developed by experts at CIMEA in line with European requirements for “automatic recognition.“ It describes the main types of academic qualifications and final secondary school qualifications of the 55 above mentioned countries, providing a comparative opinion on their correspondence with Italian qualifications.

Applicants can keep track of their requests to CIMEA directly from "My Services" section of their MyDiplome account. From there they can also request the statement of comparability and the statement of verification that are subsequently included in their digital "wallet" of qualifications.