International opportunities for students

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Information for International Students in Trento 

COVID-19 Emergency: Starting from November 6th, 2020, the new Italian Prime Minister's Decree (DPCM) takes effect throughout Italy. In order to help contain and reduce a recent surge in Coronavirus infections, the DPCM implements the following measures: 

  • With the exception of first year Bachelor's and Master's students, all university classes and exams will be held completely on-line 
  • All persons must have a mask with them at all times
  • Masks are to be worn in all indoor or closed spaces, other than private homes, and in all outdoor spaces
  • Social distancing practices are required with at least 1 meter between other people at all times
  • All group gatherings, dance events and parties are strictly forbidden
  • An obligatory national curfew is enforced between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM with exceptions only for work or health-related reasons 
  • Use of public and private transportation outside of curfew hours is strongly discouraged except for work, study, health or urgent reasons
  • Food service establishments (bars, pubs, restaurants, bakeries, etc.) may open only from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM and serve food to be consumed at tables with a maximum of 4 people per table. After 6:00 PM food consumption is prohibited in all spaces and establishments open to the public. Delivery and take-away food service may be offered until 10:00 PM but food must not be eaten in or near the restaurant nor in any public areas
  • Theaters, museums, cinemas and gyms are closed
  • Amateur team sports practices and competitions are prohibited
  • Individual physical activity is allowed outdoors with the required distance of at least 1 meter between others while walking and at least 2 meters while jogging or cycling (everyone must still carry a mask with them at all times and put it on immediately when necessary)
  • The Decree identifies three different areas throughout Italy corresponding to three risk scenarios of escalating severity with differentiated containment measures.
  • More severe restrictions may be implemented at any moment at a regional, provincial or city level based on the evolution of the COVD-19 pandemic.

To help reduce COVID-19 infections everyone is asked to stay at home and limit movement in public areas as much as possible. 

The complete DPCM including all measures and details can be accesssed via the Useful Links Box. For more information on general policies and measures implemented by the Italian government at the national level please see the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs FAQ page. 

Italy has opened international borders with many countries, however currently international travel is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Certain restrictions may apply for those entering and leaving Italy depending on origin and destination, including a possible 14-day period of mandatory self-isolation. Due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus throughout Europe and the world, new travel restrictions may suddenly be implemented without prior notice. For important details and updates on travel to and from Italy visit the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel website and the Italian Health Ministry's COVID-19 travel webpage.

An on-line travel information form has been created by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for people travelling to or from Italy based on current legislation. The form is intended ONLY as a general guide and it has no legal value, nor does it guarantee entry to Italy or other countries.

Travel Indications and Restrictions

The Prime Minister's Decree (DPCM) from October 24th, 2020 extends the minimum precautionary measures to counteract and contain the spread of COVID-19 through November 24th, 2020The new decree partly partly modifies previous travel rules to and from Italy and identifies the following six groups of countries for which different limitations apply. Please open the links below and carefully read the corresponding restrictions:

Exemptions from quarantine
Exemptions from fiduciary isolation and health surveillance regulated by the Ministerial Decree of October 24, 2020

Special exemptions to quarantine authorised by the Ministry of Health 
How to apply for authorisation from the Ministry of Health for exemption from quarantine on non-deferrable reasons.

When entry into Italy is NOT allowed
Positives cases, symptoms and close contacts

The main public health recommendations and prevention measures for those entering Italy
What to do if symptoms compatible with COVID-19 appear while you are in Italy and how to protect yourself and others

For more details and updates please see the Italian Health Ministry Travel webpage.

Entry in Italy is in any case allowed for EU/ITALIAN/Schengen citizens even though they have resided in the aforementioned third countries, with a possible quarantine obligation and without the obligation to provide any reasons;

All persons travelling to Italy from any foreign location are required to provide the carrier, or law enforcement officers if they are stopped for checks, with the self-declaration travel form which can be found in the Download Box.

Useful Phone Numbers for the Italian Ministry of Health

Arrival in Trento

Self-Isolation Indications from the Trentino Board of Health

Immediately upon arrival in Trento, those subject to self-isolation must notify the local Trentino Board of Health (APSS) Prevention Department of their entry into Italy and the starting date of their 14-day self-isolation by sending an e-mail to segreteria.uoisp [at] and attaching the completed APSS Self-Declaration Form (see the Download Box) and a copy of an identity document. A swab is currently not required by the local Health Board.

If COVID-19 symptoms appear this must be communicated immediately to the APSS Prevention Department.

After 14 days without symptoms the self-isolation period is considered complete and no further communication with the APSS is required.

For more information please see the relevant APSS website (in Italian).

In order to comply with the aforementioned DPCM, throughout the Province of Trentino everyone is required to have a mask with them at all times. Masks must always be worn in all indoor or closed spaces, other than private homes, and in all outdoor spaces. All group gatherings, dance events and parties are strictly forbidden. In addition, social distancing practices are still in place and masks are obligatory at all times while using all types of public transportation

Certain bars, restaurants, retail stores, barbershops and a variety of other businesses are open with limited hours and a reduced number of people allowed to enter at one time, along with additional measures in place to ensure a safe distance among clients and employees.

In Trentino, public parks, bike paths and hiking trails are open. Individual outdoor physical activity is allowed only under the following conditions:

  1. A safe distance from other people must be maintained at all times with 1 meter between others while walking and at least 2 meters during all sports activities such as jogging or cycling.
  2. Everyone must carry a mask with them at all times to be put on immediately if necessary.

All team sport competitions and group events are still strictly prohibited. 

For more updates about specific Coronavirus emergency measures in place at the local level, visit the English websites of the Province of Trentino and The University of Trento

If you are looking for live updates on the COVID-19 emergency during these days at home then tune in to Quarantine Radio! This English langauge radio program created especially for international students also offfers music, health tips, audio books, digital socializing and much more!

Counseling Service

For any student who would like to contact us during these difficult times, the Counseling Center is available by appointment via Skype or through other similar means of communication to give advice and support. Generally there are 1 or 2 appointments per student lasting about 20 minutes each. To make an appointment send an e-mail to: 
consulenzapiscologica.studenti [at]
E-mails are read daily and you will be contacted to confirm your appointment. 
Students can also call 0461.808.116 Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
We hope this stressful situation passes and returns to normal as soon as possible. 

Call 1500 or 800.867.388 (toll free numbers) if you have a persistent cough and/or a constantly high temperature.