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The climate in the Province of Trentino is considerably variable due to the presence of numerous mountains and lakes. In most of the valleys the weather is temperate with moderate rainfall and minimal snow. The climate is particularly mild in Valsugana, in the proximity of Caldonazzo and Levico Lakes. The Lake Garda area enjoys a Mediterranean environment where olive and lemon trees grow.   

Average monthly temperatures in Trento are:

January  -5°C - 6°C
February -2°C - 9°C
March  2°C - 15°C
April 5°C - 19°C
May 9°C - 23°C
June 13°C - 27°C
July 17°C - 30°C
August  17°C - 35°C
September 11°C - 25°C
October 6°C - 19°C
November  0°C - 11°C
December -4°C - 7°C