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International opportunities for students

Conditions and fares change for degree-seeking and exchange students. Please check below which condition applies according to your student status.

You can travel by bus in the urban area of Trento or Rovereto, buying a single bus ticket or applying for the 1 month or 1 year bus pass. You can buy the tickets in any newsagent's (in Italian 'tabacchino').

Degree seeking students

For students enrolled in:

  • Undegraduate courses
  • Two year master’s courses (including EMBS and Double Degree students)
  • One year master’s courses (including Master CoDe)
  • Doctoral courses

there is the possibility to buy for 50 euros a student bus pass which covers all trains and buses (both urban and extra-urban service) in the whole Trentino province. For more details about who can benefit from this service and how to apply for the bus pass visit this link

Other students

Exchange students

For students coming to Trento within an Exchange programme like:

  • Erasmus+ Study or Traineeship
  • Erasmus+ ICM
  • Bilateral Agreement

You are entitled to the students' rate (27,00 euros per month / 210,50 euros per year).

UniTrento borsisti and Post docs

For UniTrento Borsisti and Post-docs with contracts longer than 7 months
You are entitled to a 30% discount on the 1 year workers pass fee (one year price:254,00 euros – 30% = 177,80 euros).

To get the discount, submit to the bus station the relevant declaration that you can ask through the application "Richiesta attestazione per abbonamento presso Trentino Trasporti (2018)"  at the link https://webapps.unitn.it/Apply/it/MyUnitn/Home/4836/staff/abbtrasporti20...

Bus-pass badge request

In order to get your bus-pass badge you have to go to the bus station and submit:

  • the application form (available at the International Mobility Office or at the bus station)
  • a copy of your passport/ID;
  • a passport-sized photograph.

In addition to the cost of the bus pass you have to pay EUR 4.00 for the badge itself, called SMART CARD.

Rates table

Below you will find the prices for Trento urban service area:

Student category One-month One-year
Students  € 27,00 € 210,50
Department grant-holders and Post-docs with contracts longer than 7 months - You are entitled to a 30% discount on the 1 year workers pass fee. To get the discount, submit to the bus station the relevant declaration that you can ask to the Doctorate Office or to the relevant administrative office   254,00 – 30% = 177,80 euros
Workers € 32,00 € 254,00


Remember to pass your Smart Card through the machine on the bus - and wait until a green light appears - every time you start a new travel.

Before getting the bus pass or if you use the bus and train service occasionally you have to buy single tickets. You have the following options:

Single tickets

Where to buy: in tobacco shops called "Tabacchino"

Tickets for urban area of Trento

• Ticket for 70 minutes  € 1,20
• Ticket for 120 minutes € 1,50
• Daily ticket € 3,00                                                                       

Tickets for urban area of Rovereto                                                  

• Ticket for 70 minutes € 1,00
• Ticket for 180 minutes € 1,40
• Daily ticket € 2,50
• 10-ticket carnet (for 70 minutes) € 9,00
• 10-ticket carnet (for 180 minutes) € 12,50

NOTE: Remember to punch the ticket in the machine you find on the bus and check whether the machine has punched the date/time of the journey on the ticket.

"Pay-as-you-go" card 

If you plan to take the bus occasionally you can apply for “tessera a scalare” (pay-as-you-go card), a smart card that you can charge with money. Every time you use the bus or train remember to pass the card on the ticket machine in order to pay for the ticket. If you use the train remember to pass again the card in the ticket machine at your arrival station or you will be charged more. Every time you top up the card as a student you will receive a discount of 30%.


This is an application that you can download on your smartphone for free. This app allow you to buy bus tickets at a cheaper price, linking your credit card to the app. OpenMove is available in different languages, more details are available here

Extraurban service 

For the extra urban area (outside Trento but within the province of Trento) you can buy:

  • ticket for a single travel
  • weekly valid bus pass
  • monthly valid bus pass
  • yearly valid bus pass

You will pay the tickets for single travel according to the kilometric bracket of your travel. For kilometric bracket check here 

The student extra-urban pass has a validity from the 1st of September to the 31st of August of the following year regardless of the date of payment. The pass is valid for both the buses and trains, and it also includes the urban pass for the two towns that it connects (eg: an extra-urban student pass from Trento to Rovereto, also includes the urban pass for both Trento and Rovereto). The cost of the monthly or one-year extra-urban pass varies according to the routes chosen.

The train to Rovereto leaves only from Trento station and takes 15 minutes. The bus to Rovereto leaves from Trento bus station, but stops also in Viale Verona, near the San Bartolomeo student campus, and takes 40 50-60 minutes. For further information please visit the Trentino trasporti website.


To reach Povo-Mesiano: 
You can take the train “Borgo Valsugana Bassano del Grappa” from the train station or from S. Bartolomeo. The ticket is the same for urban area of Trento (70 minutes € 1,20) and if you buy the annual/monthly pass this route is included. Timetable and routes are available here

To reach Rovereto: 
You can take either bus or train. The train to Rovereto leaves only from Trento station and takes 15 minutes. You can buy tickets from the helpdesk in train station or online. Regional trains are the cheapest. More details available here