International opportunities for students



What to do/check

If you want to travel in Europe you may check the conditions:  
Return the keys of your accommodation and fill out the deposit refund application (with details about your bank account in your country) According to Opera Universitaria rules
Close your Italian bank account (if you have a scholarship wait to close it until you have received the last payment). Remeber that you might be requested to return your debit card and your token hardware. At least one week before leaving
Inform your referee and/or the administrative offices about your departure At least one week before leaving
Make sure that you have paid the rent  
Return the books to the library  
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Plan your return flight, checking if you can make a stopover at the Schengen Area: you may check  


Travelling during your first stay permit application

You can move freely for up to three months in any six-month period within the other Schengen Countries until your visa (provided that it is a MULTY-ENTRY VISA) is valid, even if you have not received the Italian stay permit yet.
The passport and the postal receipt of stay permit application must be shown.
The measures only concern the countries that are part of the Schengen Area. Check carefully which countries belong to the Schengen Area, and which don't.

Travelling if you are renewing your stay permit

With a valid stay permit you can go back and forth from your country and you can circulate within the Schengen area up to a maximum of 90 days every six months for tourist reasons. After 3 working days you should however report to the competent Public Security Authority abroad.
Make sure the border police make an exit stamp both on your passport and on the postal receipts. Transits in non-Schengen areas are allowed but always check beforehand whether a transit visa is required by the non-Schengen country. To do so you can contact the foreign competent diplomatic Representation in Italy.
You are not allowed to leave Italy for longer than 6 months.
Before planning any trips outside the Schengen area you are advised to contact the foreign diplomatic representation in Italy in order to get the necessary information for the entry visa. Usually, beside health insurance coverage, return ticket and economic and housing guarantees, a valid Italian stay permit is necessary in order to apply for a visa.
While renewing your stay permit, you are allowed to leave and re-enter Italy (also from different borders) without crossing or stopping in other Schengen Countries.
Be aware that there is no short-term stay permit which allows you to cross Schengen countries.
In order to leave and re-enter Italy while renewing your stay permit, you will have to show:
• your passport,
• the postal receipts of the renewal application submitted before the expiry date of the permit, 
• the expired/going to expire stay permit.
If you are a non-EU student with a student stay permit and you want to join an exchange study program, please read carefully the information that available here
Note that the Italian health insurance is valid in the Italian territory only. Should you plan to go abroad (including any European country) for study/research or personal reasons, make sure you buy a private health insurance for the entire period abroad.

Travelling for tourism

Please be informed that once your visa/stay permit has expired, you are not allowed to travel through Italy and/or in the Schengen area. This applies even if your citizenship allows you to travel for tourism without a visa.

Internship outside Italy

Please be informed that the International Mobility Office supports incoming students that enter Italy in order to study in Trento. If you are planning to leave Trento and start an internship by an European University please contact the correspondent of the International Mobility Office (if possible) by the University where you will attend the internship in order to know what kind of documents (visa/stay permit) you have to provide. If in the host country there isn't an International Mobility Office you have to contact your diplomatic representation in the host country.