International opportunities for students

The teaching program of the two-year master degree in Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS), delivered in English, includes courses in the following foundational and related areas of artificial intelligence:

  • knowledge representation, automatic reasoning, planning, machine learning, human language processing and technology, human-machine interaction;
  • industrial and service robotics, advanced techniques for perception, decision and execution of robotic actions in complex and unstructured environments, optimisation and deployment of AI based software solution on existing robotic platforms;
  • signal acquisition, processing and interpretation of speech, images and videos, artificial vision and applications;
  • cognitive neuroscience, cognitive and brain architectures, and their applications to artificial intelligence models;
  • legal and ethical principles, laws and its applications to the design and application of artificial intelligence systems;
  • business and economic processes, for the organization, management and innovation of products and services based on artificial intelligence systems.

The courses provide students with substantial laboratory activities and hands-on experiences, projects, seminars by researchers and industry leaders and internship opportunities.

The program incentivize students to improve their communication skills, autonomous learning considered essential in a professional profile that needs cope with continuous research and innovation in artificial intelligence.