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Study plan 

It is noteworthy that the list of courses and credits of the Master’s degree presented on this page may be subject to variations .

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Mandatory courses (48 ECTS)
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 12 ECTS
Machine Learning 12 ECTS
Natural Language Understanding 6 ECTS
Artificial and biological Neural Systems 6 ECTS
Signal, Image and Video 6 ECTS
Law and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence 6 ECTS

In-depth courses (to be selected 12 ECTS)
Automated Planning: Theory and Practice 6 ECTS
Automated Reasoning 6 ECTS
Human-Machine Dialogue 6 ECTS
Optimization Techniques 6 ECTS
Introduction to Robotics 6 ECTS
Data Mining 6 ECTS

Specialized courses ( to be selected one specialization area and corresponding 18 credits)

Intelligent Robots:
Robot Perception and Bayesian Inference 6 ECTS
Optimisation Based Robot Control 6 ECTS
Robot Planning and its Application 6 ECTS

Advanced Topics in Machine Learning 6 ECTS
Select two additional courses from In-depth List integrated with Advanced Computer Vision course 12 ECTS

Ultrasound Technologies for Medical Applications 6 ECTS
Imaging and Diagnostic Techniques 6 ECTS
Remote Sensing Systems 6 ECTS
Audio and Speech Technologies 6 ECTS

Computer Vision:
Fundamentals of Computer Vision 6 ECTS
Advanced Computer Vision 6 ECTS
Trends and Applications of Computer Vision 6 ECTS