International opportunities for students

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree programme in Computer, Communications and Electronic Engineering applicants are required to follow the application procedures accurately.

For the 2024/2025 academic year the University of Trento will admit to the Bachelor's degree programme in Computer, Communication and Electronic Engineering a maximum number of students equal to 60.

15 of the 60  positions are offered to non-EU citizens living abroad, 6 of which are reserved to non-EU  citizens living abroad holding the certificate of JEE Main test (India) or GAOKAO test (China).

EU citizens and non-EU  citizens regularly living in Italy  must apply  following the information available at this webpage . They have a separate call and different test dates. 

Admission requirements for non EU living abroad

To be admitted applicants are required to :

  • hold a secondary school diploma awarded in Italy or other qualifications recognized as equivalent awarded abroad and at least 12 years of schooling. Applicants who do not currently possess the secondary school qualification will also be accepted, provided that they obtain it during the year 2022/23;
  • pass the English TOLC-I CISIA. The admission test (English TOLC-I) is planned for March 12, 2024 and registration is automatic when the complete application is submitted as described at ICE How to apply or hold the certificate of JEE Main test (India) or Gaokao test (China), not issued before first of January 2023. Application period for applicants holding JEE Main or Gaokao Certifications will open in Spring 2024

English requirements 

It is not requested to prove a specific level of knowledge of English to be admitted. Before the beginning of the second  year it is mandatory to pass an English exam - level B2 (CEFR) or to provide a certificate proving the required level.

The University's Language Centre (CLA) organizes courses during the year to prepare students. For further information please check CLA website.